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COMP3610 Principles of Programming Languages


  • A note about the final exam: The instruction on the exam paper about what may be brought into the exam room reads, "No restrictions, other than excluded electronic devices." The university has standard policies that devices such as computers, phones and tablets are not permitted in any examination room. Therefore you will need to bring hard copies of any notes or study materials you think you may need. Exam questions may make direct reference to lecture notes (e.g. the semantics of Imp or Proc) so you should bring copies of those, at least.
  • In response to some questions from students regarding assessment and submission of Assignment 2, I have posted some comments on the COMP3610 Discussion Forum. Pay attention.
  • There will be no late penalty for Assignment 2 submissions received before 1pm Monday 28th October, 2013.
  • Thanks to the two students who updated two of the Haskell tools provided with Assignment 2. I have made corresponding changes to TurtleTools.tgz. Should now work on more recent Haskell releases.
  • I have posted a comment about explicit newline characters in the grammar for assignment 2.


There will be two lectures in most weeks:

  • Thursdays 1 - 2pm in PSYC G6
  • Fridays 10 - 12am in PSYC G6

There will be approximately 6 tutorials or practical classes on Thursdays 3 - 5pm in CSIT N115/116 or N101.
The first practical class will be in Week 3.

Assessment Scheme

  • There will be two assignments with a combined weight of 30%.
    Each will have a fixed deadline and they will be due during or near weeks 7 and 12 respectively.
  • There will be a 3 hour open book final examination with a weight of 70%.
  • Your final mark will be the sum of these two components.

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