The CSIT Ride To Work Group

The CSIT Ride To Work Group is based on the CSIT Building [108] at the Australian National University in Canberra. This nominally includes the Department of Computer Science (ANU) and the CSIRO Mathematical Information Sciences (however, others from ANU are welcome to be on our mailing list and in that sense are counted as part of the group).

What is `Ride To Work'?

Ride To Work is an initiative to encourage people to ride bicycles to work instead of driving a car or taking a bus.

It is a community project of Pedal Power ACT, and is sponsored by the ACT Government though HealthPact and supported by the (ACT) Heart Foundation. Pedal Power promotes all things to do with cycling, including providing advice and information, organizing local rides, organizing social events, and lobbying for cycling issues.

There are currently over 70 RTW groups in Canberra.

How does the CSIT RTW Group operate ?

It basically has these functions:

We have regular (bi-monthly) Bulletins and use the csitRTW mailing list for (generally low frequency) event announcements and electronic discussions. Also there are (ad hoc) personal or Tea Room discussions.

Skaters as well!

Skate To Work shares many of the aims and benefits of RTW and we similarly maintain the above functions (but to a lesser extent) for roller blading.

Contact / Joining the Group

The local co-ordinator is Peter Strazdins , CSIT N330, 6249-5140, peter@cs (

See Peter if you wish to be added (or removed) from the csitRTW@cs ( alias, which is all that's needed to join the Group.

CSIT RTW Cyclist Information

Quite a lot of useful info can be found from our information index, containing links to the CSIT RTW Bulletins and some separate documents.

Gaining Access to the CSIT Bikeshed

Hazard Reporting

Submitting a hazard report to the ACT Government (Urban Services) can now be done on-line via the Pedal Power Web Site Report hazards in Canberra form, or Canberra Connect Feedback or call Urban Services 13228.

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RTW: sponsored by Pedal Power, HealthPact & (ACT) Heart Foundation
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