Low Level Shader Demos

These are some low level shaders I wrote a couple of several years ago when programmable GPUs were new(ish) and OpenGL 2.0 wasn't available. All but one are written in low level assembler rather than HLSL or GLSlang. They're simple, but still worthwhile as examples of what being "programmable" means in terms of being able to do new and interesting things.

They're also useful as examples of how horrible it was before high level shading languages became standard! In my day we didn't use these fancy-dancy compilers. No, we had to hand code our shaders while walking uphill through the snow ...

Mostly require nVidia FX5200 or better (PixelShader 2 in MS speak) although some will run on older cards. Written on Linux, but all using GLUT so should run on Windows as well.

Shader Demo Source Code