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The Australian National University

Information and Human Centred Computing

Research highlights

  • Development of scalable real-time data matching techniques to combat identity crimes
  • Gesture based tools to control complex visualisations of social networks
  • Development of scalable, automatic and accurate privacy-preserving record linkage techniques
  • Development of novel algorithms for preference elicitation for social recommendation
  • Development of a fuzzy logic technique to efficiently handle complex structured data
  • Evaluating the effect of web spam on result quality and outlining the ideal properties of effective spam nullification
  • Subjective logic approaches to real time extraction of semantic information from documents
  • A study of textual annotations and their use in improving retrieval effectiveness
  • Automatic evaluation of the quality of health websites
  • An approach for recognizing unconstrained video events in large visual semantic space
  • A semantic approach for extracting facial expression data automatically from video
  • Novel methods to track visual remix on large social media collections
  • Experimental disambiguation of the psychological aspects of immersion and involvement in a measure of presence in a virtual world experience
  • Global crowd-sourcing as part of a semi-formal HCI experiment "in the wild"
  • Algorithms for eye gaze and physiological inference in interaction tasks particularly reading
  • Verification that a new head-interaction technique leads to enhanced player enjoyment in a first-person-shooter game
  • Generating art using indirect interaction
  • Development of an iPhone musical ensemble
  • Development of a programming language and system for live musical composition and improvisation
  • Efficient bio-inspired algorithms

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This publication list is a selection from the ANU ARIES database.

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