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Glossary of Terms

appendix  Matter which supplements the main text ... generally explanatory, statistical, or bibliographical material. [Macquarie Dictionary]
authoring software  A category of software [which] lets you make a web page without having any knowledge of HTML. [Capron]
blockquote  A large quote in a document is usually inserted as a separate segment of text, called a blockquote, rather than given inline with quotation marks around it.
A blockquote is left-indented with respect to the enclosing text and has whitespace before and after it. The blockquote may also be in a different typeface from the enclosing text.
For COMP1900, a standard blockquote is 0.5cm left-indented with respect to the text in which it is embedded; has 6pt of spacing before and after; and is in italics.
cursor  An indicator on the screen; it shows where the next user-computer interaction will be. Also called a pointer. [Capron]
desktop publishing  Desktop publishing software allows users to design and produce professional looking documents that contain both text and graphics.
Eudora  An email package provided at ANU for student use.
folder/file hierarchy  An organised structure of files within folders; and folders within folders. An important part of good data management.
HTML  HyperText Markup Language
insertion point  Indicates the location in a file at which text will be inserted; or the location in a file from which text will be deleted; or the anchor point of a select operation.
In Word98, the insertion point is represented by a flashing vertical bar.
ISP  Internet Service Provider
mouse pointer  An indicator on the screen which responds to the movement of the mouse.
In Word98, the mouse pointer is represented by a bar with split ends within a document and by an arrow outside the document.
preface  Something preliminary or introductory. [Macquarie Dictionary]
sans serif font  A sans serif font is clean and stark, with no serif marks. [Capron]
The Oracle  A file server maintained by TLTSU. Students may copy files from The Oracle but cannot write to it.
TLTSU  Teaching and Learning Technology Support Unit  
URL  Uniform Resource Locator  The unique address of a web page or other file on the Internet. [Capron]
web master  A web master is a person who makes and takes care of web sites. [Capron]
WYSIWYG  What You See Is What You Get

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