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TPHOLs98, Canberra Australia

The 11th International Conference on
Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics

Monday 28 September - Thursday 1 October 1998
at The Australian National University


Mechanical theorem provers for higher order logics have been successfully applied in many areas including hardware verification and synthesis; verification of security and communications protocols; software verification, transformation and refinement; compiler construction; and concurrency. The higher order logics used to reason about these problems and the underlying theorem prover technology that support them are also active areas of research. The TPHOLs conferences bring together people working in these and related areas for the discussion and dissemination of new ideas in the field.


The 1998 conference will have two tracks: one for research papers and another for work in progress papers. The research papers will be published in a volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The work in progress papers will be published in a joint technical report of the Department of Computer Science and the Computer Sciences Laboratory of the ANU.


TPHOLs'98 is sponsored by the following organisations:

The Intel Corporation The Australian Research
The Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation
The Australian National University
Department of Computer Science

Travel Bursaries

Thanks to the generous support of the conference sponsors, travel bursaries are available for students contributing to TPHOLs'98, and who would otherwise not have sufficient funds to attend. More information is available from the bursaries web page.

A Related Event

TPHOLs'98 will be co-located with the International Refinement Workshop and Formal Methods Pacific 1998 (IRW/FMP'98). This event, which will run for the four days Tuesday 29 September - Friday 2 October 1998, is a general formal methods conference that will be of interest to many TPHOLs'98 attendees. Material that is particularly relevant to attendees of both conferences will be presented at occasional joint sessions.

Other information about TPHOLs'98 and its location at the ANU in Canberra can be found in our original bid to host the conference.


In June the organizing committee for TPHOLs98 conducted an election whichwas to decide the venue for 1999. The outcome could hardly have been closer, but the French bid inched out in front. So TPHOLs'99 will be held near Nice.

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