3D Stuff

This is stuff I've collected or created to do with 3D graphics and collaborative virtual environments. Unless otherwise stated the code has a new BSD/MIT license: have fun, let me know if you do something cool with it.

You might also be interested in my 3D OpenGL Teaching pages.

In February 2013 I gave a talk about WebGL and the 3D Internet. Here are the slides. Sorry there's no recording of the actual talk due to AV system problems.

Ken Shoemake created the original ArcBall 3D rotation widget and wrote it up in 1994 for Graphic Gems IV. From his IRIS GL code I've created two new versions, GLUT/OpenGL and SGI OpenGL Performer

I used to have a modified version of GLUT for Windows here that translated scroll wheel movements into short middle mouse button drags. Peter Dey has written a much better version which converts the scroll wheel into Linux-style 4th and 5th mouse button presses.

My low level shader demos were written in ARB or nVidia assembler, and demonstrated how to start with shaders and create some simple yet powerful effects. These days they are more useful as an example of how horrible programmable GPUs were before GLslang.

Netsculpt is a VE Lab haptic input demo application that I modified for collaboration across a network. This is the draft report. Update Dec 2007: It's been cited in two real papers!

I have learned more than I really wanted to about the operation of the Polhemus 3SPACE Fastrak. Here are some notes I wrote on installation and configuration.

Jocasta is the space station setting for Australian author Maxine McArthurs science fiction novels Time Future and Time Past. I'm creating some interactive 3D graphical models of the space station for the fun of it.

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