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Robin Garner

PhD Student
Department of Computer Science
Australian National University
CSIT building, Rm N218
Ph: 6125 8186
Email: Robin.Garner@anu.edu.au


I am currently working on Memory Management. In particular I am interested in the effects that modern architectures have on the performance of the mechanisms of garbage collection. My supervisor is Steve Blackburn, and together with Daniel Frampton we maintain the MMTk memory management toolkit.

My PhD thesis, "The Design and Construction of High Performance Garbage Collectors" was submitted on 13 July, 2011. Yay!

DaCapo Benchmarks

I'm helping to maintain the Dacapo Benchmark suite, a set of open source Java benchmarks. In particular I am using a measurement infrastructure built into MMTk to investigate the memory behaviour of the benchmarks. The latest graphs (which may include experimental or plain wrong figures) are usually to be found here.

I am running nightly regression tests of the dacapo SVN head, and performance tests of the latest release on a variety of JVMs, but curently only on x86 linux.

Other work

I'm a member of the Jikes RVM team, a high performance research-oriented Java virtual machine.

I'm currently working on documenting MMTk. A very incomplete and rough draft is available here, and represents MMTk as of October 2005.

Previous work

My Honours project involved porting the JMTk (now MMTk) memory management toolkit for use in C-based runtimes.


Journal papers

Blackburn, S. M., McKinley, K. S., Garner, R., Hoffman, C., Khan, A. M., Bentzur, R., Diwan, A., Feinberg, D., Frampton, D., Guyer, S. Z., Hirzel, M., Hosking, A., Jump, M., Lee, H., Moss, J. E. B., Phansalkar, A., Stefanovic, D., VanDrunen, T., von Dincklage, D., and Wiedermann, B.
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Evaluation Methodology for the 21st Century
Communications of the ACM, 51(8) pp 83--89, August 2008
Downloads: pdf bibTeX

Refereed conference papers

R. Garner, S. M. Blackburn, and D. Frampton,
A Comprehensive Evaluation of Object Scanning Techniques
ISMM '11: Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on Memory Management, San Jose, CA, USA, June 4-5, 2011.

Daniel Frampton, Stephen M. Blackburn, Perry Cheng, Robin Garner, David P. Grove, J. Eliot B. Moss and Sergey I. Salishev.
Demystifying Magic: High-level Low-level Programming.
VEE 2009: The 2009 ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments.

Garner, R., Blackburn, S. M., Frampton, D.
Effective Prefetch for Mark-Sweep Garbage Collection
ISMM '07: Proceedings of the 2007 International Symposium on Memory Management

Downloads: pdf bibTeX source code

Blackburn, S. M., Garner, R., Hoffman, C., Khan, A. M., McKinley, K. S., Bentzur, R., Diwan, A., Feinberg, D., Frampton, D., Guyer, S. Z., Hirzel, M., Hosking, A., Jump, M., Lee, H., Moss, J. E. B., Phansalkar, A., Stefanovi\'{c}, D., {VanDrunen}, T., von~Dincklage, D., Wiedermann, B.
The DaCapo Benchmarks: Java Benchmarking Development and Analysis
OOPSLA '06: Proceedings of the 21st annual ACM SIGPLAN conference on Object-Oriented Programing, Systems, Languages, and Applications

Workshop papers

Porting the JMTk memory management toolkit WOSSA'2004 - The First International Workshop on Object Systems and Software Architectures, Victor Harbour, SA, Australia, Jan 2004.


JMTk: A portable memory management toolkit. Honours thesis, Australian National University, 2003


SessionRoleCourse CodeDescription
2007/S2Course TutorCOMP2400Relational Databases
2007/S1TutorCOMP1100Introduction to Programming and Algorithms
2006/S2TutorCOMP3310Computer Networks
2006/S1Tutor/LecturerCOMP3420Database Systems
2005/S2TutorCOMP2400Relational Databases
2005/S1TutorCOMP3420Database Systems
2004/S2TutorCOMP2400Relational Databases
2004/S1TutorCOMP3420Database Systems