Personal Development Review

The personal development review (PDR) is a reflection of your personal development throughout the course. The PDR will take the form of a written document against professional selection criteria, and will emulate a process for promotion or getting a job in industry.

Written Report [15%]

Get job-ready by addressing graduate-job selection criteria using your experience in TechLauncher

The PDR should be approximately 2-3 pages, with 200-250 word reflections against each of the five selection criteria:
  • demonstrated proficiency in a technical area of expertise
  • a positive attitude and/or clear organisation skills
  • teamwork and/or leadership
  • demonstrated service to the workplace
  • a commitment to personal development
The PDR should be based entirely upon your experience within the TechLauncher project in the current semester.
Marking criteria
Your PDR will be assessed against the following criteria:
  • Technical expertise - demonstrated proficiency in a technical area of expertise
  • Professional attitude - a positive attitude and/or clear organisation skills
  • Teamwork - a positive attitude and/or clear organisation skills in a multidisciplinary team
  • Service - demonstrated service to the TechLauncher workplace
  • Professional development - a demonstrated commitment to personal development
Assessment Process
Projects will be assessed using the Common Assessment Process (CAP).
Tag Reports will be completed for your PDR by:
  • your tutor
  • yourself (self review)
  • other TechLauncher participants if there are grounds to do so
PDRs and Tag Reports are to be submitted via Wattle, by 0900 Monday of Week ‘13’.
Opportunity for formative feedback
As you are preparing your PDR, you should seek formative feedback from your tutor and project team about developing the reflections within your PDR during your tutor meetings.

10 hours of professional development

A component of the PDR includes a commitment to life-long learning. Each student is required to demonstrate engagement in no less than 10 hours of professional development over each semester.

A calendar of approved opportunities will be provided to students by the Professional Services Team in week 3. However, we encourage students to pursue opportunities that are personally relevant to you.

As a guide professional development should:

  • be a part of a coherent plan, rather than on ad-hoc, opportunistic topics
  • be new activities that you would not be engaging otherwise (for example, if you are a part of a student group, participation in that group is not considered as a new activity. If you went on specific training as part of that role, this would be acceptable)
  • be related to your personal development

Activities from groups on campus, organised activities from TechLauncher, and activities in the community will make up the calendar. These will include academic and professional talks, networking events such as First Wednesday connects, and ongoing training such as participation in InnovationACT.

Tips and suggestions

  • keep a work diary - this will allow you to easily go back over your individual contribution in your PDR
  • attend useful Professional Development sessions that enhance your team’s project, or even create opportunities for sharing your own skills
  • be familiar with the professional/graduate job market. This PDR activity is designed to emulate the requirements of applying for a job - so it should be directly useful to your next application.

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