## Induction There are a few things to know about *TechLauncher*...


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## Awesome Work from Incredible Students! You are in good company. TechLauncher is all about turning dreams into reality. ...some outcomes [here](/techlauncher/outcomes/)
# Week 1 Activities
## Team Formation Projects are chosen and teams are formed on [Team Formation Night](/techlauncher/dates/team_formation). * Teams register 2 spokespeople who communicate: * composition of the team, AND * tutorial preferences [Teams of 4-7 should be formed, appropriate to the size of the project](/techlauncher/dates/team_formation)
## Class Representatives * We kindly request one [representative](../assets/rep.ppt) for each of: * COMP3500, * COMP4500, and * COMP8715. * You will be [trained](../assets/anusa.pdf)! * This is an opportunity for some *life-long learning*...
# Program Concepts and Objectives
## Value TechLauncher is about delivering value that is recognised by your peers and professionals. You also develop a team process that enables you to do that predictably and repeatably. [We measure value as a balance between project outputs and governance](/techlauncher/current_students/course_outline/#delivering-value)
## Real Projects TechLauncher [projects](https://redmine.cecs.anu.edu.au/redmine/) are real. These are not canned synthetic textbook exercises. You are responsible for defining and delivering the solution. [clients, including your fellow students, propose projects.](/techlauncher/get_involved/call_for_projects/)
## Freedom We remove as many constraints as possible: [most of your time is spent out of the classroom doing your project](/techlauncher/current_students/course_outline/#expected-workload).
## Diversity and Professionalism You, your peers, your client, your tutor, and your mentors should all have a voice. Respectfully managing a diversity of perspectives and expertise is a key to success. [We expect all TechLauncher members to be professional and respectful](/techlauncher/current_students/guidelines/professionalism/).
# Evaluation
## Design, Build, Test, Measure, Learn There are no specified deliverables - this is negotiated between the group, clients and TechLauncher. [\(Project Audits\), peer-driven 360 processes, are used to evaluate the actual work done](/techlauncher/current_students/evaluation/).
## Many Eyes All stakeholders are involved in a project audit through the [Many Eyes Process](/techlauncher/current_students/guidelines/many_eyes_process/).
## Tutor Meetings and Program Structure Tutors mentor students at meetings before and after audit weeks in a cycle of [planning, acting, and reflecting](/techlauncher/current_students/structure/#plan-act-reflect).
## Portfolios You will carefully learn new skills, research opportunities in relation to this, and showcase the outcomes [by producing an incredible portfolio](/techlauncher/current_students/evaluation/work_portfolio_package/).

Some Resources


  • The official class forum is on Piazza
    • Please let an examiner know if you are not on that forum
  • We use ANU's Moodle site Wattle.
    • All TechLauncher students must be enrolled in the Wattle program with a title like 'COMP3500_SemN_2020'. Here, N could be either 2 or 1, for Semesters 2 and 1, respectively.


  • RSCS will provide one team member (e.g. "researcher") an enterprise Pluralsight seat
  • We provide some guidance wrt other tools you may wish to use


Hard Constraints

Recommendations: Team Composition

  • Form a team with COMP4500 student on Project Management
  • COMP8715 students often have valuable industry experience
  • COMP3500 students should seek to complement their coursework through practice in TechLauncher

Legal Items

  • Any agreement you sign must be a 3 party agreement, between: (i) the university, (ii) your client's organisation, and (iii) the relevant students
  • Why? To evaluate and assess your team, we must have unencumbered access to all Project IP
  • Some clients will not proceed without an agreement
  • Our preferred agreement is here.
    • please familiarise yourself with this now
  • PARSA and ANUSA can provide legal advise
  • Contact clients now and ask them about IP and NDA
# Core Events
## Workshop Sessions Supercharge your portfolio, and leverage the [Careers Centre](http://www.anu.edu.au/students/careers-opportunities/careers) and the [Academic Skills Centre](http://www.anu.edu.au/students/contacts/academic-skills) Workshop sessions [throughout](/techlauncher/dates/) semester help teams to create the best work possible. Talk to convener about facilitating a session for bonus marks.
## TechLauncher Showcase Teams present their prototypes and work to the Canberra community at the [TechLauncher showcase](/techlauncher/dates/project_showcase/).
## Find out more... [The TechLauncher website has all the information you need to get started with TechLauncher.](/techlauncher/)


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