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In the middle of second semester the school will take part in the South Pacific Central Divisional Contest for the ACM Programming Contest. This year the Central Divisional contest will be on Saturday the 20/10/2018. ANU hosts the Canberra Site. The Canberra teams will be competing against other teams from NSW and Queensland. The top 2 teams in the Central Division will qualify for the Regional Finals in November (other teams may also qualify based on performance across all the divisionals). The top 2 teams of the regional finals will qualify for the 2019 World Finals.

Teams of 3 students work together to solve about 12 problems within a 5 hour period. Each team only has access to one computer. Programs may be written in Java, c, c++, or python. The contest involves problem solving, programming, and lots of teamwork. There are prizes, and a t-shirt. Entry costs $100 (including gst) per team.

The Canberra Site is hosted by the Research School of Computer Science at the Australian National University.

We are part of the South Pacific Region. This site has a lot of useful information such as :

Recently we have only had teams enter from the ANU, however, it would be great to have teams enter from UC, CIT, and ADFA. For details of entering a team please go to the South Pacific Region web pages.

The date for the 2018 ACM South Pacific divisional's contest is Saturday the 20/10/2018. And will be in the ground floor (room n112 and n108) of the CSIT Building, Building 108, North Road, ANU. The contest will start at 12:30pm. However, teams will need to arrive at 11:30am to have a practice of using the problem submission system, go over the rules, and eat something before the contest gets under way.

The timetable for the contest day:

11:30 Arrival at ANU and registration. Please report to room N108
12:00 Introduction and contest instructions
12:30 Contest starts
17:30 Contest ends
17:35 Presentations to teams.

For more information relating to the Canberra site please contact :
Eric McCreath(email :
PH : +61-2-6125 8191
Fax : +61-2-6125 0010
Research School of Computer Science
Blding 108, CS&IT Blding,
North Road, ANU Acton 0200, Australia

Eric McCreath