Date Speaker Title
2024-02-01 11:00 Dillon Chen New and Improved Approaches for Learning to Plan
2024-01-25 11:00 Patrick Chieppe Bayesian Modelling of the Well-Made Surprise
2024-01-18 11:00 Nathan Elazar Implicit Mixtures of Experts for Rigorous Interpretable Machine Learning
2023-12-14 11:00 Dr. Zak Kingston Scaling Multi-Modal Planning
2023-12-11 11:00 Dr. Jason Saragih Codec Avatars for Social Telepresence
2023-12-07 11:00 Dr. Soumi Maiti Consolidating Speech Tasks with Spoken Language Models
2023-11-30 11:00 Dr. Siu Lun Chau Explaining the Uncertain: Stochastic Shapley values for Gaussian process models
2023-11-23 11:00 Ruiqi Li Towards Comprehensive Automation: Extracting Action Models from Diverse Scenarios
2023-11-20 14:00 Prof. Pascal Fua Physics-Based Deep Learning for Medical Imaging
2023-11-13 14:00 Prof. Pascal Fua Deep Uncertainty
2023-11-08 11:00 DR. Chris J. Bryant Current challenges in Grammatical Error Correction and other related NLP tasks
2023-11-02 11:00 Lydia Lucchesi Communicating Data Preprocessing Decisions: A New Visual Representation with Software Support
2023-10-19 11:00 Tony Allard New Heuristics and Search Control Techniques for Temporal Planning with Time Windows
2023-10-12 11:00 Dr. Zheng Yuan On the Application of NLP in Language Education
2023-09-28 11:00 Jeffrey Smith AI spectacles for big telescopes: wavefront estimation with image-to-image translation for astronomical instrumentation and applications.
2023-09-21 11:00 Dr. Marian-Andrei Rizoiu Interval-censored Transformer Hawkes: Detecting Information Operations using the Reaction of Social Systems
2023-09-20 11:00 Jie Hong Learning Deep Features for Limited-data Visual Problems
2023-09-14 11:00 Frederic Zhang Visual and Spatial Understanding of Human-Object Interactions
2023-09-13 11:00 Jiayu Yang Towards Efficient, Accurate and Self-trained Multi-view Stereopsis
2023-09-07 11:00 Yuanchu Liang and Dr. Rahul Shome (with photo on the left) [1] Recurrent Macro Actions Generator for POMDP Planning (IROS 2023) and [2] Robots as AI Double Agents: Privacy in Motion Planning (IROS 2023)
2023-08-31 11:00 Zheyuan Liu Retrieving Images through Bi-modal Visual and Language Queries
2023-08-10 11:00 Weixuan Sun Localizing Objects with Weak Supervision (Ph.D. Completion)
2023-08-03 11:00 Mengqi He Adversarial Attack on Semantic Segmentation
2023-07-20 11:00 Runze Tang Automatic Abstraction Discovery in Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning (Thesis Proposal Review)
2023-07-13 11:00 Professor Roger Clarke The Re-Conception of AI and Robotics as Complementary Artefact Intelligence and Augmented Capability
2023-05-11 11:00 Ziang Cheng Multi-view Inverse Rendering-Reconstructing 3D Shape and Reflectance with a Camera and Light Source
2023-05-04 11:00 Junxuan Li Geometry, Reflectance and Lighting from Neural Rendering
2023-04-27 11:00 Belona Sonna Formal Explanations of ML-based Decision Making Processes and Fairness
2023-04-20 11:00 Josh Nguyen Data-Driven Understanding of Real-Life Moral Dilemmas
2023-04-13 11:00 Yunzhong Hou Deep Multiview Understanding-Design and Optimization of Multiple Camera Systems (Ph.D. Completion Presentation)
2023-04-06 11:00 Yujiao Shi Cross-View Image-Based Localization and Synthesis (Ph.D. Completion Presentation)
2023-03-30 11:00 Dr. Russell Tsuchida High Dimensional Inner Products of SGD Iterates in Exponential Family Models Resemble Neural Network Kernels
2023-03-23 11:00 Conny Olz Exploring the Hierarchy-Extracting and Exploiting State Information of Compound Tasks in HTN Planning
2023-03-16 11:00 Yuli Liu Determinantal Point Processes for Producing Diversified and Personalized Predictions
2023-03-09 11:00 Dr. Iman Shames The Replicator Dynamic, Chain Components and the Response Graph
2023-03-02 11:00 Dr. Scott Sanner You Don't Know Me-The Need for Personalized Recommendation in Conversational AI Assistants
2023-02-16 11:00 Matthew Aitchison Solving Long Horizon Problems with Truncated Value Learning
2023-02-10 10:00 Yicong Hong Learning Language-Guided Visual Navigation
2023-02-02 11:00 Lei Wang Robust Human Action Modelling
2023-01-10 11:00 Dr. Laurent Kneip Vision-based Spatial Perception for Intelligent Mobile Systems-Opportunities and Challenges Ahead
2023-01-09 11:00 William Shen Volumetric Query Networks - Rich 3D Representations for Embodied AI
2022-12-08 11:00 Weijian Deng Unsupervised Model Evaluation-Are Labels Always Necessary for Model Accuracy Evaluation?
2022-11-24 11:00 Jiahao Ma Multiview Pedestrian Detection in a Crowded Scene
2022-11-03 11:00 Minjeong Shin Visual Analytics of Evolving Graphs
2022-10-27 11:00 Alexander Soen Geometry and Fairness in Machine Learning
2022-10-20 11:00 Ghodai Zaki Knowledge Tracing using Deep Learning Methods
2022-10-14 11:00 Dr. Thomas Dietterich The Familiarity Hypothesis: Explaining the Behavior of Deep Open Set Methods
2022-10-13 11:00 Dr. Thomas Dietterich Conformal Prediction Intervals for MDP Policies
2022-10-06 11:00 Dongxu Li Label-Efficient Video-Language Representation Learning and Applications
2022-10-05 11:00 Dr. Francisco Cruz Explainable Robotic Systems in Reinforcement Learning Scenarios
2022-09-15 11:00 Chenchen Xu Low Resource Learning of Vision to Text in Sign Languages
2022-09-08 11:00 Alasdair Tran Structured Sequence Modeling with Graphs, Flows, and Real-world Knowledge
2022-09-01 11:00 Dr. Guido Governatori Digital Legislation
2022-08-25 15:00 Dr. Swapnil Mishra Machine Learning, Bayesian Inference and Point Processes for Public Good: Understanding and Quantifying the Uncertainty
2022-08-18 11:00 Chamin Hewa Koneputugodage 3D Reconstruction using Neural Fields
2022-08-11 11:00 Chirath Hettiarachchi Deep Reinforcement Learning based Artificial Pancreas Systems
2022-07-07 15:00 Jeffrey Smith Wavefront Estimation for Adaptive Optics with Image to Image Translation
2022-06-30 11:00 Mengyan Zhang Adaptive Recommendations with Bandit Feedback
2022-06-23 11:00 David Johnston Decision Theoretic Foundations for Causal Modelling
2022-06-09 11:00 Michael Bennett Computable Artificial General Intelligence
2022-05-19 11:00 Ziwei Wang A Linear Comb Filter for Event Flicker Removal
2022-05-12 11:00 Josh Nguyễn Mapping Topics in 100,000 Real-Life Moral Dilemmas
2022-05-12 11:00 Jooyoung Lee Whose Advantage? Measuring Attention Dynamics across YouTube and Twitter on Controversial Topics
2022-05-05 11:00 Marshall Clifton Fast Parallel PDR Algorithms for Planning
2022-04-28 11:00 Xinyuan Chao Improving Speech Visualisation and Its Application in Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training
2022-04-21 11:00 Marcus Hutter Fairness without Regret
2022-03-24 11:00 Asiri Wijesinghe Geometric Learning on Graph Structured Data
2022-03-10 11:00 Yuan-Sen Ting On Modelling Complex Systems in Astronomy
2022-03-03 11:00 Xiaoxue (Sharon) Ren Robustness of Application Programming Interface Knowledge
2022-02-24 11:00 Iman Shames Zero-th Order Optimisation: From Stationary Non-convex to Online Geodesicaly Convex Problems
2022-02-17 11:00 Mahdi Noori Active Management of Control Devices in DER-Rich Distribution Systems
2022-01-27 11:00 Masooma Iftikhar Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing
2021-12-16 11:00 Sergio Rodriguez Mendez The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards in the Internet Ecosystem: An Overview
2021-12-09 11:00 Iman Shames Newton's method and its role in online optimisation, learning, and control
2021-11-25 11:00 Asiri Wijesinghe A Regularized Wasserstein Framework for Graph Kernels
2021-11-18 11:00 Sergio Rodriguez Mendez Towards an Automated Knowledge Graph Construction Pipeline
2021-11-04 11:00 Mahsuum Daiiani Playing to Advocate Sustainability: Harnessing the Power of Videogames to Influence Attitudes Towards Climate Change
2021-11-04 11:00 Lei Liu Interpretable Recommendation for Video Games with Counterfactual User Preference Reasoning
2021-10-14 11:00 Ahmad Attarha Network-Secure Consumer Bidding in Energy and Reserve Markets
2021-10-07 11:00 Muhammad Farhan Answering Shortest Path Distance Queries in Very Large Networks
2021-09-30 11:00 Vincent Cheng Reconstructing 3D Objects and their Reflectances with a Moving Camera and Light Bulb
2021-09-23 11:00 Pouya Ghiasnezhad Omran Modeling Knowledge Graphs via Rules
2021-08-19 11:00 Yujiao Shi Understanding the Visual Geometry via Cross-view Correspondence Learning
2021-08-12 11:30 Rui Zhang Approximate Inference for Bayesian Non-parametric Hawkes processes and Beyond
2021-08-05 11:00 Kaiyue Lu Learning to Enhance RGB and Depth Images with Guidance (PhD conclusion seminar)
2021-07-29 11:00 Matthew Aitchison Learning to Deceive in Multi-Agent Hidden Role Games
2021-07-22 11:00 Jonathon Schwartz Planning in Partially Observable Stochastic Games using Finitely Nested Reasoning
2021-07-15 11:00 Lexing Xie The Anatomy of Online Video Popularity
2021-07-08 11:00 Dongxu Li Visual Sign Language Representation Learning from Limited Weak Labels
2021-06-17 11:00 Peter Baumgartner The Fusemate Logic Programming System for Situational Awareness
2021-06-10 11:00 Sylvie Thiébaux Deep Learning for Generalised Planning
2021-05-27 11:00 Qiongkai Xu Privacy Protection in Conversations
2021-05-20 11:00 Songtuan Lin On the Computational Complexity of Fixing Planning Model
2021-05-13 11:00 Hua Hua Integrative Relational Spatial Representation and Reasoning
2021-04-29 11:00 Quyu Kong Linking Epidemic Models and Self-exciting Processes for Online and Offline Diffusions
2021-04-22 15:00 Sameera Ramasinghe On incorporating inductive biases into deep neural networks
2021-04-15 11:00 Jochen Renz Physical Reasoning: From Angry Birds to DARPA
2021-04-08 11:00 Dillon Chen Nondeterministic Hierarchical Task Network planning
2021-04-01 11:00 Yicong Hong Vision-and-Language Navigation
2021-03-25 11:00 Hansheng Xue Multiplex Bipartite Network Embedding using Dual Hypergraph Convolutional Networks
2021-03-25 11:00 Alasdair Tran Radflow: A Recurrent, Aggregated, and Decomposable Model for Networks of Time Series
2021-03-18 11:00 Jeffrey Smith Can deep learning help us see deeper into space?
2021-03-11 11:00 Stephen Gould Deep Declarative Networks
2021-01-21 11:00 Umanga Bista Comparative summarization of document collections (PhD conclusion seminar)
2020-12-17 11:00 Mark Burgess An Investigation of Market Mechanisms for Distribution Level Energy Management (PhD conclusion seminar)
2020-11-05 11:00 Erin Hahn and Chris Webers K-mer analysis enables rapid reference-free quality assessment of noisy genomic data derived from degraded museum specimens
2020-10-12 11:00 Nicholas Kuo Dynamical Systems for Understanding Automated Machine Learning (PhD conclusion seminar)
2020-09-17 11:00 Jonathon Schwartz Information Decay + POMDP: Incorporating Defender's Behaviour in Autonomous Penetration Testing
2020-09-10 11:00 Quyu Kong Describing and Predicting Online Items with Reshare Cascades via Dual Mixture Self-exciting Processes
2020-08-27 11:00 Kyungwoo Song Context-Aware Model with Gate and Attention
2020-08-13 11:00 Siqi Wu Measuring Collective Attention in Online Content: Sampling, Engagement, and Network Effects (PhD conclusion seminar)
2020-07-30 11:00 Iain Guilliard Mixed Integer Linear Programming for Traffic Signal Control (PhD conclusion seminar)
2020-03-12 11:00 Conny Olz On the Computational Complexity of Post-Optimizing Partially Ordered Plans
2020-02-27 11:00 Marcus Hoerger Tractable POMDP-planning for robots with complex non-linear dynamics
2020-02-20 11:00 Helene Fargier Egalitarian Collective Decision Making under Qualitative Possibilistic Uncertainty
2020-02-13 11:00 Ranit Bose Comparing and extending the theory of Affine Algebraic Decision Diagrams (AADDs) and Edge-valued Multi-valued Decision Diagrams (EVMDDs)
2020-01-16 11:00 Zac Cranko A general theory of learning problems and selected results (PhD conclusion seminar)
2019-12-11 11:00 Sebastien Piedade Contingent Planning Using Counter-Examples From a Conformant Planner
2019-12-05 11:00 Chenchen Xu Weakly Supervised Learning for Machine Translation
2019-11-28 11:00 David Johnston Causal Statistical Decision Theory: Causal Inference Without Causality
2019-11-21 11:00 Atoosa Kasirzadeh Mathematical and causal faces of explainable AI
2019-11-14 11:00 Jose Iria Optimal participation of distributed energy resources in the electricity markets
2019-11-07 11:00 Siqi Wu Estimating Attention Flow in Online Video Networks
2019-10-31 11:00 Quyu Kong Linking Epidemic Models and Self-exiting Processes for Information Diffusion Modeling
2019-10-24 11:00 Mengyan Zhang Median-based Bandits for Unbounded Rewards
2019-10-17 11:00 Dylan Harries Clustering methods and reduced-order models for persistent climate regimes
2019-10-10 11:00 Erli Wang An on-line planner for POMDPs with large discrete action spaces
2019-09-26 11:00 Surya Singh Squeezing More Out of (Healthcare) Robotics
2019-09-19 11:00 Debajyoti Karmaker Mid-air Collision Avoidance in Budgerigars and Potential Applications to UAV Guidance.
2019-09-12 11:00 Colin Klein Major Transitions in Neural Evolution: A Computational Perspective
2019-08-29 11:00 Tom Dietterich Advances in Anomaly Detection
2019-06-20 11:00 William Shen Guiding Search with Generalized Policies for Probabilistic Planning
2019-06-20 11:00 Sylvie Thiebaux ASNet: deep learning for generalised planning
2019-05-23 11:00 Ramee El-Shabasei Interfacing with Gazebo for RoboCup Logistics League Simulation and Planning
2019-05-23 11:00 Louis Carlin A Classification-Based Approach for Extracting Events from Web Text
2019-05-09 11:00 Alvaro Flores Assortment and Pricing Optimisation under non-conventional customer choice models (PhD conclusion seminar)
2019-05-02 11:00 Pascal Bercher Hierarchical Planning as Basis for Autonomous Systems
2019-04-09 11:00 Mark Nicholson Benefits and challenges of Using Machine Learning in Safety Critical Systems Engineering - Safety Assurance and Educational Viewpoints
2019-04-04 11:00 Liang Zheng Beyond Part Models: Person Retrieval with Refined Part Pooling (and A Strong Convolutional Baseline)
2019-03-28 11:00 Lexing Xie Picturing Everyday Knowledge in Social Media Streams
2019-03-28 11:00 Alasdair Tran Reinforcing Coherence - towards generating coherence stories in natural language
2019-03-21 11:00 Shea Houlihan Data-driven behavioural interventions a proof of concept
2019-03-14 11:00 Hanna Kurniawati AI + ML + Friends = dreams come true?
2019-03-07 11:00 Florian Geisser On Planning with State-dependent Action Costs
2019-02-28 11:00 Felipe Maldonado Some models for consumer choice in the presence of network effects (PhD conclusion seminar)
2019-02-21 11:00 Buser Say Data-Driven Automated Planning with Learned Deep Neural Network Models
2019-02-14 11:00 Florent Teichteil-Koenigsbuch An aerospace industrial perspective on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
2019-02-07 11:00 Quyu Kong Linking Epidemic Models and Hawkes Point Processes for Modeling Information Diffusion
2019-02-07 11:00 Siqi Wu How is Attention Allocated? Data-driven Studies of Popularity and Engagement in Online Videos
2019-02-07 11:00 Minjeong Shin Visualizing Graph Differences from Social Media Streams
2019-01-31 11:00 Dawei Chen Recommending Structured Objects: Paths and Sets
2019-01-24 11:00 Daniel McNamara Learning Provably Useful Representations, With Applications To Fairness (PhD Pre-Submission Seminar)
2019-01-17 11:00 Romi Hill
2019-01-17 11:00 Eleanor Jorgensen
2019-01-17 11:00 Alistair Graham
2018-12-20 11:00 Cody Christopher Critical Observations for Model-Based Diagnosis: Theory and Practice (PhD Submission Seminar)
2018-12-13 11:00 Seth Lazar What's wrong with machine ethics?
2018-12-06 11:00 Swapnil Mishra Linking Models for Popularity Prediction on Social Media
2018-11-29 11:00 Amir Dezfouli Computational modelling of behavioural and neural data using recurrent neural networks
2018-11-22 11:00 Charles Le Losq The properties of volcanic lavas revealed by machine learning
2018-11-15 11:00 Patrick Chieppe Videogames and the Procedural Generation of Interactive Narratives
2018-11-15 11:00 Iain Guilliard New Results in Traffic Signal Optimization
2018-11-08 11:00 Eric Stone Machine Learning in Biology?
2018-11-01 11:00 Ahmad Attarha A Decentralized Adaptive Robust DER Coordination Resilient to Uncertainty
2018-11-01 11:00 Mahdi Noori Active Network Management of LV Residential Networks under High PV Penetration
2018-11-01 11:00 Mark Burgess Continuing the PhD, new concentration inequalities and stratified sampling for Shapley value calculation
2018-10-25 11:00 Ke Sun Representation Learning of Compositional Data
2018-10-18 11:00 Peter Baumgartner Heuristic Search Planning With Multi-Objective Probabilistic LTL Constraints
2018-10-11 11:00 Katie Steele Sequential decision-making: philosophical puzzles
2018-10-04 11:00 Bob Williamson Fairness Risk Measures
2018-09-27 11:00 Yicheng Zhu Classifying ENU induced mutations from spontaneous germline mutations in mouse with machine learning techniques
2018-09-20 11:00 Mark Burgess The Generalized N&K Value: An Axiomatic Mechanism for Electricity Trading
2018-09-06 11:00 Daniel McNamara Algorithmic stereotypes (there must be more to life)
2018-09-05 11:00 Geoff Lee Real Options: what are they and how are they useful for making decisions under uncertainty
2018-08-30 11:00 Patrik Haslum Planning with state and trajectory constraints
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