ANU Laptop Ensemble (LENS) live @ Ainslie Arts Centre 2018

If you’re looking for the Laptop Ensemble (a.k.a LENS, a.k.a. COMP2710/MUSI2205) it has moved—it’s now at

The code/creativity/culture group (c/c/c) is a research group within the Research School of Computer Science. Our goal is to create spaces for talking, thinking and making about the way that code (software), creativity (especially the arts) and culture (life) intersect in the modern world.

The fact that these things do intersect is hopefully not controversial in 2020; the challenge is to create opportunities to talk about it that make people care enough to pay attention. Musical livecoding (for examples, check out Ben’s vimeo page or LENS, the c/c/c laptop ensemble) is one example of the public display (and hopefully discussion) of code, but different intersections will interest different folks, so this is a challenge we need to address from multiple angles.

It’s also really important that we ask the deeper questions about the artefacts that we build—especially as computer scientists (even multi-disciplinary ones). Programmers are writing the rules which govern (literally in some cases) the way that society works, and we’re long past the point where we can say “what people do with this stuff isn’t my problem”. Code, creativity and culture are bleeding into one another more and more, and we’re excited about starting conversations about how it all works and what it means.

The c/c/c group isn’t for luddites or techno-chauvinists; what we want to do is give everyone a reason to start talking about these code/creativity-culture intersections, and to raise the level of discourse about the opportunities and challenges.

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