The home of LENS on the web has moved

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6 Mar 2020

The home of LENS on the web has moved
The home of LENS on the web has moved

If you read the blue info box on the home page you’ll have noticed that LENS has now graduated to it’s dedicated course website. On the COMP side of things it now has a dedicated course name as well (so COMP2710: Laptop Ensemble should1 show up on your transcript if you complete the course), and plans are afoot for this to happen on the MUSI side as well—the course is identical across both course codes.

This is really exciting, because it’s one more step towards having creative coding/music/art/tech woven into our core business—which is exactly what the c/c/c group aims to do. Stay tuned for info about the LENS concerts which will happen later on in the semester 🤙.

  1. it should do, but sometimes these changes don’t work through the system properly 

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