New ANU Extension course in Creative Computing

An exciting new opportunity for ACT High School/College students---get involved!

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24 Jul 2020

New ANU Extension course in Creative Computing
New ANU Extension course in Creative Computing

Do you want to make music or interactive visual artworks with your computer? Do you want to be a part of a laptop band? Are you currently a year 10 student, starting year 11 (i.e. “College” in the ACT school system) in 2021? If so, the c/c/c studio has an exciting opportunity for you!

As part of the ANU Extension program, we’ve created a new course for 2021 called Creative Computing. In this course you’ll learn the fundamentals of computer programming through the creative process of making music and visual art. It’s not just an art/music course, and it’s not just a “coding” course: you’ll be working in both of those domains at the same time, and (we hope) you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

Creative Computing is split into two components; one focused on music, one on visual art. After an introductory period, students will be allowed to choose one stream or the other (music or visuals) as the focus for their year’s project (a final creative work to be presented in the end-of-year exhibition). These streams will run in parallel, and students from each one will work together (i.e. DJ+VJ).

The course caters to two types of students:

  1. those with an interest in and aptitude for IT (especially computer programming) who wish to apply and develop these skills in new and creative directions

  2. students with and interest in and aptitude for the creative arts (e.g. playing a musical instrument, painting/drawing) who are keen to incorporate technology in their creative practice (but haven’t necessarily done any IT or programming courses)

Admission to the Creative Computing ANU Extension course is based on a selection process which includes a portfolio of work, a selection test, evidence of past academic successes, and school/college recommendation. We welcome diverse applicants who might not have come through the “traditional” pathways, so if you’re not sure if you’re eligible then get in touch (email

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