No research group is an island, and there are lots of other folks in the wider ANU community (and beyond) doing interesting stuff. Here (in alphabetical order) are the friends of the c/c/c group.

Some are currently collaborating on projects with the c/c/c group, some have done so in the past, still others there’s an aspirational plan to make it happen someday soon.

Dr. Alec Hunter

Alec Hunter

Ben and Alec are the founders and stewards of LENS: the ANU Laptop Ensemble.

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Dr. Chris Browne

Chris Browne

Chris’s work involves the use of metaphor and other tools in understanding and teaching complex systems. He’s an award-winning educator in a complex, multi-faceted world, and he’s interested in understanding this world from all angles, including those of creativity and culture. He and Ben share a passion for teaching students new ways of looking at things so they can unravel this complexity for themselves.

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Dr. Geoff Hinchcliffe

Geoff Hinchcliffe

Ben and Geoff are co-supervising Dierdre Pearce’s PhD research on the implications of a pervasive digital network on individuals’ sense of self (

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Dr. Katrina Grant

Katrina Grant

Scientific conceptions of space have primarily mapped the physical terrain; we seek to map its ephemera. Greta Hawes, Katrina, Ben & others are involved in a pilot study, Greek myth, mapped, which will develop a prototype project using innovative digital mapping and information capture methods to visualise real-world landscapes in imaginative terms via the stories situated within them.

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Dr. Kit Devine

Kit Devine

Kit was the driving force behind the new ARTV2509: Introduction to Virtual Reality course at the ANU School of Art & Design. There are big plans for this stuff at ANU, including expanding the reach across campus to the c/c/c group. Stay tuned!

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Dr. Mitchell Whitelaw

Mitchell Whitelaw

Ben and Mitchell are co-supervising Kieran Browne’s PhD research on cultural patterns in data and their manifestation in neural networks (

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Dr. Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller

Terhi Nurmikko Fuller

Ben and Terhi are co-supervising Qian Wang’s PhD project on Digital Humanities in traditional Chinese folk tales.

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Dr. Tony Curran

Tony Curran

Ben and Tony have a long-running artistic collaboration (supported initially by a 2016 Vice-Chancellor’s College Visiting Artist Fellowship) exploring the hypothesis that digital art is made compelling when the work demonstrates an equal balance of human gesture to mechanical structure; that is, artwork as simultaneously human and machine generated. You can follow Tony’s latest work in this vein on Insta #wigglesandgrids.

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