The c/c/c studio blog is a place where you can find out about upcoming events and read about the various activites happening under the c/c/c studio banner.

Upcoming events: Computational Culture Lab

The Computational Culture Lab at the ANU School of Art & Design (a bunch of friends of the c/c/c studio) is excited to announce a series of upcoming workshops/presentations which might be interesting to c/c/c studio folks.

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ACMC2020: live and free computer music conference

The conference is now over—a great time was had by all. If you missed it, don’t despair: all the presentations & performances will stay up on YouTube forever, so head over there and enjoy!

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The home of LENS on the web has moved

If you read the blue info box on the home page you’ll have noticed that LENS has now graduated to it’s dedicated course website. On the COMP side of things it now has a dedicated course name as well (so COMP2710: Laptop Ensemble should1 show up on your transcript if you complete the course), and plans are afoot for this to happen on the MUSI side as well—the course is identical across both course codes.

  1. it should do, but sometimes these changes don’t work through the system properly 

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COMP1720/6720 showcase 2019

All the students in COMP1720/6720 Art & Interaction in New Media have submitted their major projects—a series of interactive in-browser artworks (using p5.js) exploring the theme listening in/listening out.

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LENS 2019 Showcase

This year’s ANU LENS students will be performing their semester projects at the ANU School of Music Composition Showcase this weekend!

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LENS in the news

This semester the ANU Laptop Ensemble (LENS) has been busy preparing a program of new works for laptop, acoustic instruments, and AI music models. We recently presented these works-in-progress at an open rehsearsal at the ANU School of Music.

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IoT@BIT artefact exhibition

this event is happening this Friday Feb 22 @ 5pm—don’t miss out!

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Calling all Laptop Ensemble participants for S1 2019

Attention 2019 LENS hopefuls: something’s come up, and the LENS is no longer running as a for-credit course in S1 2019 😭. We will still have a Laptop Ensemble in some form, but not for credit this semester at least.

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c/c/c podcast appearance

A little while ago Ben was interviewed for The Conversation’s “Trust Me, I’m an Expert” podcast on computers, music, VR and other things up my alley.

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Livecoding gig: Curious Feast @ National Science Week

Update 21 Aug 2018: gig was fun—videos are now up on the ANU Laptop Ensemble YouTube channel.

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c/c/c at ANU Open Day

The c/c/c are going to be doing a bunch of fun and interesting things at ANU Open Day. If you’re visiting the ANU on Open Day, come and check it out.

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Laptop Ensemble callout

The laptop is a legit musical/visual instrument, and the c/c/c laptop ensemble (est. 2018) exists to explore different ways to use this instrument in a group performance.

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