The c/c/c studio is a team effort—as all multidisciplinary activities should be. Here’s a list of some of those valued team members.

This list includes:

  • academic staff: the members within the School of Computing who make the c/c/c studio happen.

  • students: great students are the lifeblood of the c/c/c studio; we wouldn’t have the creative community that we do without them. This page includes past & present Higher-Degree Research (HDR) students—PhD & Masters—and Honours1 students.

  • friends: there are lots of other folks in the wider ANU community (and beyond) doing interesting stuff—these are some of the friends of the c/c/c studio. Some are currently collaborating on projects with the c/c/c group, some have done so in the past, still others there’s an aspirational plan to make it happen someday soon.

  1. Note to international visitors: in Australia some students take an extra honours year on their undergraduate degree to complete a research project and submit a thesis. The following cool kids are doing their honours research project as part of the c/c/c studio. 

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