Ben Swift

    Ben is the leader of the c/c/c group. He’s a multidisiplinary researcher in the Research School of Computer Science at the Australian National University. He’s interested in computational art, data visualisation, human-computer interaction, cybersecurity (particularly in embedded devices) and the the intersection of code, creativity and culture as those boundaries dissolve in the modern world.

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    Henry Gardner

    Henry Gardner is an Associate Professor within the School and his research work overlaps strongly with the vision of the c/c/c group (although he has other interests as well).

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    Kieran Browne

    Kieran is interested in cultural patterns in data and their manifestation in neural networks, especially recent trends (i.e. deep learning). He is looking at new ways to make sense of the results of these processes. His research is situated between design, humanities, computer science and visual arts.

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    Dierdre Pearce

    Dierdre is interested in the implications of a pervasive digital network on individuals’ sense of self. She is using sculpture, installation and performance to explore what might happen when mental faculties such as memory, communication, cognition and sensory functions are delegated to, or absorbed by, larger external entities. In particular, she is developing ways of imagining her collected digital data in three dimensions, and speculating on the relationship between these and her biological information (such as DNA and proteins). Is her digital presence a copy, a portrait, a prosthesis, or something else entirely? Her research is based in visual arts and draws on ideas from biological chemistry, design, computer science and the humanities.

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    Tina Wang

    I’m Tina Wang, a research student and Student Ambassador for ANU CECS. I’m also doing a Science degree, focusing on Psychology and Maths.

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