Ben Swift

Ben is the leader of the c/c/c group. He’s a multidisiplinary researcher and Senior Lecturer in the Research School of Computer Science at the Australian National University.

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Henry Gardner

Henry Gardner is an Associate Professor within the School and his research work overlaps strongly with the vision of the c/c/c group (although he has other interests as well).

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Kieran Browne

Kieran is interested in cultural patterns in data and their manifestation in neural networks, especially recent trends (i.e. deep learning). He is looking at new ways to make sense of the results of these processes. His research is situated between design, humanities, computer science and visual arts.

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Dierdre Pearce

Dierdre Pearce is a visual artist and scientist whose research uses sculptural, installation, performative and relational methods to study the complex, layered experience of human subjectivity in the ‘cognisphere’, a term coined by Thomas Whalen which N. Katherine Hayles has adapted to describe the dynamic networked systems which encompass both human and machine cognition.

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