can you get out?

An escape room is a physical adventure game where participants have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles to be released from the room. As part of the c/c/c group, Noah Johnstone is currently designing (and planning to build a prototype of) an escape room where the theme and puzzles are inspired by fundamental concepts taught as part of an undergraduate computer science degree. This will provide participants with an opportunity to build their network of friends, to experiment with different ways of teaching computer science and expose the larger ANU community to the basic ideas/concepts of computer science.

The escape room will: motivate by excitement; include artefacts; tell stories; make analogies; uncover abstractions; reduce noise and distractions; be aesthetically beautiful; be task driven; incorporate history of the subject and of ANU; use various teaching technologies, such as: video recordings, audio recordings, art, music, puzzles and riddles; avoid introducing unnecessary terminology; include activities away from the computer; make many references to previous material; encourage and showcase diversity and encourage collaboration.

For more info, contact Noah Johnstone (via Ben)—he’s always on the lookout for ideas :)

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