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Welcome to COMP1100.

This course is one of the entry points to studying computer science at the ANU.

The material offered here will provide you with a solid foundation and set of skills which you will revisit many times in your career.

This is not a class where we are going to “learn you” about how computers work and how to program in Haskell. This is a class where we are going to teach, and the learning will be done by you. What does this mean? It means that you must become highly engaged in active learning. Read the text book (more than once is allowed), search the web, and above all write code. After every lecture and lab go home and try stuff out. Make sure that what we told you really works (and tell us if it doesn’t!). Test your knowledge by extending what we tell you (i.e., “if I understand this then I should be able to make the following happen”). Imagine trying to learn how to ride a bicycle by listening to a lecture describing the physics of how to ride a bike and then watching someone else do the riding. You also need to get on the bike yourself! The absolute key to success in this course is to code constantly. Good luck.

Make the semester count!

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