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Important Information Regarding Lab Participation

I hope everyone has enjoyed their first week’s lab. This message contains important information for everyone regarding your participation in labs. If you did not attend a lab this week, there is further important information for you at the bottom of this message.

First, it is vital that you only attend the exact lab that you have signed up to. Your lab will be in either room 1.23 or 1.24 (in building 145) and it is your responsibility to know which room you should be attending, as this course is often using these rooms simultaneously. This is important for balancing the numbers of people in each lab, so that no lab becomes overfull, and hence everyone can claim a reasonable amount of the tutors’ time. It is also important to you, because tutors are not able to enter marks for anyone except the students officially assigned to their labs, and so if you attend the wrong lab you will miss out on participation marks, and run the risk of not passing the engagement hurdle via participation.

If you attended a lab other than your own this week, it is your responsibility to ensure that you get your participation mark. You need to email the tutor of the lab you are signed up to, and ask them to record your participation mark. They will need to confirm that you genuinely attended a lab. To assist them to do that, you should CC the tutor whose lab you did attend. You can find a full list of tutors, with their lab details and email addresses, at https://cs.anu.edu.au/courses/comp1100/labs/schedule/. If you do not know who the tutor was that you interacted with, at least tell your regular tutor at which time you attended the incorrect lab.

In future weeks you will not be able to receive participation marks this way. You need to attend your own lab, or you need to contact your tutor by email to make other arrangements if you are unavoidably unable to do so.

For students who did not attend a lab this week:

We appreciate that the first week can be chaotic, and so it may not have been possible for you to attend your chosen lab. For this reason, for this week only, we are offering another chance to catch up on the lab material. On Monday 4 March we are running two ‘catch-up’ labs which will cover the Lab 1 material, and allow you to receive participation marks.

Room N115/116 in the CSIT building, 1pm-3pm
Room N114 in the CSIT building, 5pm-7pm

Please do not attend these labs if you have already attended a week 1 lab; they are only for students who have not attended a week 1 lab. Please note again that such catch-up labs will not be offered in any future week.

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