Haskell Style Guide

    Coding style is an art rather than a science, and individuals often have their own preferred style. Nevertheless, it is important to agree upon a common style when sharing code with others.

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    Haskell Installation and Environment Setup

    For COMP1100 we use the programming language Haskell. If you wish to install Haskell on your personal computer, please follow the instructions on the Piazza discussion forum for this course.


    There is a vibrant community around Haskell!

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    There are lots of online resources that help with all sorts of Haskell questions. Here are some of them.

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    Here are some standard reference sites for Haskell.

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    Writing Reports

    We assume that you are already familiar with how to write a technical / scientific report. Report writing is a skill that is taught in schools, beginning as early as primary school. We will not teach you report writing in this class, but we offer guidelines here on how to present your work in a professional manner.

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