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Lab Tasks

pre-lab tasks stock photo

This assessment item covers tasks to be completed each week before your lab and during your lab.


  • Due: every week during your lab session (from weeks 2 to 11 inclusive)
  • Mark weighting: 4 marks per week for a total of 40 over the semester (worth 5% of final grade)
  • Submission: make a post on the course forum and complete required tasks in your lab
  • Marking: your tutor will assess your weekly submission and your participation in labs (details below)
  • Policies: see the policies page

Pre-Lab Assessment

Part of this course is developing your understanding of computer-based art and interaction with a computer interface. We’ll talk about this each week in lectures and then, before your lab, you’ll be asked to reflect on one aspect of the lecture material and relate it to the current lab work, or an upcoming assignment.

This is called the “pre-lab” assessment. You’ll need to complete it outside of class and post it to the class forum. We’re not expecting a lot of text (100-200 words and maybe a snippet of code or a screenshot of some art that you are working on), but we do expect you to complete it each week. We also expect you to engage with other students reflections by reading a few and making comments.

Each week’s pre-lab task is different and you can find it at the top of the lab page. We only have pre-lab tasks for labs 2-11 (10 in total).

Pre-Lab Process

Here’s the process for completing your weekly pre-lab entry:

  1. log onto the COMP1720 forum and find the COMP1720 Pre-lab subcategory

  2. create a new topic using the + New Topic button (top-right) with the a title that makes sense for the artworks you’ve chosen

  3. post your topic in the COMP1720 category and the Pre-lab subcategory

  4. add a week-n tag to your post in the tags box, where n is the week your diary entry will be assessed (i.e. your first diary entry should have the week-2 tag)

  5. look in this week’s lab to find out what the pre-lab task is.

  6. write 100–200 words to complete the pre-lab task, uploading any images that are necessary.

  7. find two other student’s prelab entries that you find interesting and write a comment on their post discussing what’s interesting about it

In-Lab Assessment

We expect you to complete the material in each lab in order to meet the learning outcomes for the course. You’ll get a small “lab mark” each week for attending and completing the required tasks. These will require engagement with the topic, a bit of coding, and a bit of collaboration with other students.

Each lab contains “Lab Tasks” (which are required to achieve full marks) and “Extra Tasks” (which are not required but give you a chance to continue your learning).

In-Lab Process

During your lab, your tutor will check in with you to make sure that you are making progress towards your lab tasks. You’ll get a partial mark for getting started, and full marks when yuou complete them.


How will it be marked?

Your tutor will check in with your during your lab to make sure you are engaging with your lab work and the pre-lab tasks. They will assess your weekly diary entry just after your lab.

In order to gain full marks, you must:

  • complete one pre-lab entry
  • complete two pre-lab comments on other student’s work
  • attend and complete the lab tasks in your lab session (including joining a pair/group discussion if asked)

The total marks will be out of 4.

  • 2 marks for the prelab tasks (and comments). This will be marked by your tutors offline.
  • 2 marks for lab tasks. This will be marked by your tutor based on their observation of how you work in labs, including partner/group activities.

Marks will be uploaded together at the end of the week.

Make sure you check your marks on streams regularly to keep track of your progress.

When is it due?

It’s due every week (excluding week 1 and week 12), and it’s due in your lab session.

So does that mean that students in later lab sessions have later deadlines than students in earlier labs?

Maybe in week 2, but they will have started their pre-lab tasks for the current week later than you did as well (because they were still working on the previous week’s submission when you’d moved on to this week’s one).

This is the case with any “in-lab” assessment at uni; in the end everything balances out.

If I don’t attend my week 2 lab session because I haven’t signed up for a lab yet, do I get zero for my lab tasks?


I’ve missed a lab session, so I didn’t get my lab tasks marked—what should I do?

The course policy on extensions applies here—you can get an extension, but only with appropriate official documentation.

Can I attend a different lab session and have it marked there?

Nope. You can apply for an extension if you have good reason and proof.

I can’t access the forum—what should I do?

See the main course FAQ.

How should I structure my pre-lab tasks post on the forum?

It doesn’t matter too much, as long as it’s clear that you’ve addressed the task.

Do I need to include images/videos?

Yes, if at all possible, this will make your pre-lab tasks much more interesting to look at for other students and tutors!

How do I know I’ve posted my entry to the right place on the forum?

As specified above, your topic (post) needs to be in the pre-lab subcategory, and needs to have a tag based on which week’s diary entry it is. Here’s an example of the new topic box with the correct category and tag added (in this case for week 2):

pre-lab tasks categories and tags

If you post in the wrong subcategory when you first create your post, you can change it later—just use the “edit” button up near the title of your post.

Can I see some examples?

I’ve pre-populated the forum with a few example pre-lab entries for you to look at.

Can I work on it during my lab session?

No. The tutor will look at the timestamps for your posts, and if any post is timestamped after the start of your lab session then it doesn’t count. This is a hard-and-fast rule—no exceptions.

The reason is that the labs sessions are for doing the lab content, and if we allow you to work on the pre-lab task you won’t be engaging in the actual lab.

Oh no! I didn’t submit anything for my lab this week. What should I do?

Whatever you do, you shouldn’t panic (remember that it’s worth less than 1 mark). Try to get your pre-lab tasks done for next week.

How long should I spend on this every week?

You could probably complete the pre-lab task in less than 30 minutes if you’re focussed and if you have already attended the lecture.

Do the usual academic integrity rules apply?

Yes. If you want to use a quote from somewhere (e.g., Wikipedia, a book, somewhere online) make sure it is obviously a quote (in quotation marks) and that you have linked or cited the source.

If you attempt to pass off text that you did not write as you own, it is plagiarism.

For the “comment on other pre-lab tasks entries”, does it matter which week the other entry is from?

No, you can comment on any other entry, as long as you haven’t commented on it before. If you’re in an early lab for week 2 you can also comment on the example entries.

Can I “like” (♡ button) another student’s pre-lab tasks entry?

Sure, go ahead. Like as many as you want to :) Remember that you need to actually reply to at least two other entries, though.

When will I get my marks & feedback?

You won’t get your mark during your lab session, but you’ll be able to see it on streams by the Monday the week after your lab.

What happens if my regular lab session falls on a public holiday?

If that’s the case then your pre-lab tasks will be due at 9am on the first week-day following the public holiday.

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