You are strongly encouraged to attend your weekly lab session. Each week you’ll get a new set of challenges to work through, and the labs are the best time to get help from your lab-mates and tutors.


The COMP1720/6720 tutors


Time Location Tutor
Monday 12:00 CSIT N113 Joanne
Monday 14:00 CSIT N113 Brent
Tuesday 10:00 PK 2.29 Joanne
Tuesday 12:00 PK 2.29 Joanne
Tuesday 16:00 CSIT N112 Kieran
Wednesday 09:00 CSIT N113 James
Wednesday 17:00 CSIT N113 Kieran
Thursday 09:00 PK 2.28 James
Thursday 11:00 PK 2.28 Brent


You might notice that some of the labs are in the CSIT building, and some are in the Peter Karmel (PK) building.

In the CSIT building the labs are on the ground floor, and in the PK building they’re up the stairs and down at the end of the hall. This doesn’t mean that COMP students have to go to the CSIT Labs and the ARTS & other students have to go to the PK labs—you can go to either. Mixing and learning from students in different programs is encouraged in this course.

The course software is pre-installed on all the lab machines, although the base operating system (OS) is Linux in the CSIT labs and OSX (Mac) in the PK labs. This won’t really make a difference to you, since Atom, Git and Chrome/Chromium work the same on the different OSes.


See the sidebar for the links to each week’s lab content. It’s on the left-hand-side of this page, or click the hamburger menu up the top if you’re on a mobile device.

If you have other questions about p5 or art/interaction/code in general, then bring them along to the labs—this is a time where you can pick our (Ben, Kit and the tutors) brains about whatever’s on your mind re: art & interaction.

Contacting your tutors

If you want to get in touch with your tutor, you can message them directly on Piazza. The tutors in this course are really great (in Ben’s opinion, anyway) and they will try really hard to help you out—although the usual advice about not leaving things to the last minute applies here. If you feel like you’ve got an issue you can’t talk to your tutor about for whatever reason, then contact Ben directly.

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