In your week 9 lab instead of submitting a regular visual diary to the forum, you should submit a “storyboard” describing your plan for the major project:

  • what’s the story/angle of the theme you’re exploring?
  • how are you interpreting the theme?
  • what will the experience be like for a viewer?

You can hand draw pictures or scribble them in paint. But whatever format you use, it needs to be uploaded to discourse before the start of your lab.

The week 8 lecture is all about storyboarding. So that’s gonna be pretty important for this assessment item.


What’s a storyboard?

Any series of drawings or diagrams which shows what your sketch will look like and what it’ll do. It doesn’t have to be beautiful—it can just be basic shapes & stick figures.

Your sketch should have several different “stages”, so you might have one (or more) drawings for each stage, and some notes & comments on how they fit together.

Your sketch doesn’t have to have ‘scenes’, it can be just one setting, however it will still need to be interactive and dynamic enough for 3 minutes, so you will still need multiple diagrams to show how it will evolve and develop over time.

How do I submit my storyboard?

The process is exactly the same as the visual diary process—you have to submit it to discourse before the lab, and you will be assessed through a chat with your tutor in your own lab session.

You still need to make your 2 comments on other storyboards!

You will need to do a VD entry on your storyboard for week 9, we will not be giving marks to any other kinds of visual diary posts. And similarly if you want the participation section of the marks you will need to attend your lab and discuss the storyboard with your tutor.

Can I use my storyboard drawing(s) in my interaction statement?

Yes, you can (normally you can’t re-use work that you’ve already submitted for a different assessment item, but this is an exception to that rule).

Can I change my ideas after I’ve shown the tutor my storyboard in the week 9 lab?

Yes, you can. You shouldn’t change it at the last minute without a good reason, though—you’ll just make things harder for yourself if you do.

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