Congratulations! You made it to the end of the course! Lab sessions are still running in weeks 12! This week is for getting help from your tutor and classmates on your major project and tuning your sketches and great ideas into an exciting artwork!

Visual Diary

You don’t have to do a visual diary this week

Major project

Now’s your chance to talk to your tutor about your major project.

Everybody should have forked, cloned, committed some work, and pushed their major project by now!

Double and triple check that you have met the major project specification.

Read the major project FAQ and make sure you aren’t falling into any major project pitfalls discussed in week 11.

To help structure the lab, here’s some tasks that you can do:

  • Have a private call with your tutor, show them your Major Project in progress. The best way to show it is on the test server.

  • Show your major project to at least one other student, see how they interact with it without any instructions.

  • Read another student’s interaction and artistic statements. Do these statements give you a clear idea about the artwork? Write down some constructive comments for the other student.

  • Upload all your work so far to GitLab. Do all the tests pass? (i.e., do you see green ticks?) If not, think about what might be missing (thumbnail image, SoO, artistic/interaction statements). Make a start on each part of the assignment so that the tests pass.

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