Each week there are two lectures (3 hours total).

  • A code & design lecture at 2pm every Tuesday in the R N Robertson T lecture theatre. In this lecture you’ll learn about art, code and interaction design in the web browser.

  • An artist talk at 4pm every Thursday in the R N Robertson T lecture theatre. In our Thursday lectures you’ll have a series of artist talks from computational artists exploring the relationship between art, interaction and code. Remember that this is not just a programming course—you’ll be graded on design quality and artistic merit as well—so these artist talks will help you think through how to be creative with code.

The lectures will be recorded, although some elements of the lecture (including live coding sessions & in-class discussion) may not make it onto the recordings. We’ll try our best, but some things are just hard to capture with the recording tools we have in lecture theatres.

Lecture slides

The lecture slides for this course are also a website (what did you expect?). Here are a few tips:

  • you look at them in your web browser (not your pdf viewer)
  • hit the f key to toggle fullscreen display in your browser
  • hit space to advance to the next slide, shift+space to go back to the previous one
  • the slides are actually “2D”—hit the o key on the keyboard to see an overview (and you can navigate with the arrow keys to quickly jump around the slides)
  • each slide has its own URL, so you can link to individual slides (e.g. you can post a question on Piazza and link to the specific slide you’re talking about)
  • if you just want the text (no pictures, no formatting) then there’s also a link to a markdown (.md) version of each week’s slides with just the plain text

The slides should work on both your desktop/laptop and on your mobile phone. On mobile make sure you remember about the 2D structure, if you just swipe left each time you’ll only see the section heading slides—you need to swipe down to go through all the slides (or you can just touch the screen without swiping to advance one-by-one). If you have troubles on mobile, try turning your phone sideways into landscape mode.

The guest lecturers will provide their own slides, and I’ll put them up here as well (whatever form they’re in).

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

  • artist talk: Dierdre Pearce, Making Your Own Toys (slides) (video)

Week 12

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