I have always had an interest in understanding the world around me. As a child, this manifested with me taking apart and repairing toys, as opposed to actually playing with them. This curiousity has led me to dip my toes in a bunch of different things throughout my life; and explains my wildly unrealated degrees of IT and Psychology. My curiousity around technology naturally led to programming. I struggled a lot through COMP1100 and COMP1130, and on a whim tried out COMP1720 as my last 1000 level elective. It was at that point I finally started to enjoy programming. COMP1720 allowed my curious-backwards-engineering brain to do its magic and create whatever I imagined 😀

When I’m not studying, I’ll probably either be teaching Karate, or posting covers for SoundCloud; and I might give you a link if you ask really nicely.

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