Important TODOs

Course start: Important TODOs

Welcome to COMP1730/6730, semester 2, 2018. Here are a couple of things that you need to do at the start of the course.

TODO #1: Complete the Demographic Information Questionaire.

This is a survey on the course wattle page. You will need to log in (using your ANU id and password) to complete it.

The survey asks what year of study and degree program you’re in, and a few questions about your previous experience with programming and computer use. This information is important for us to get an idea of the diversity of the student cohort, and to measure how well we are serving our target audience. The survey responses are not used in any way for assessment.

TODO #2: Sign up to a lab group

Signing up to a lab group is also done through wattle.

Labs are held in the CSIT computer lab rooms, which have limited spaces. Therefore, we must schedule each student in one lab group. Your choice of lab group does not have any other consequences (for example, you can work on assignments that allow for team work with students from other lab groups). The most important thing is that you select a lab group that is scheduled at a time that you can attend (i.e., that does not clash with something else in your schedule).

Starting from semester week 3, there will be assessments for which you are required to attend the lab session that you have signed up for.

The number of enrolled students is usually at its peak at the very beginning of the course. Because we cannot know in advance how many students are going to enrol, there is sometimes not enough lab group places for all students. If that is the case, we will arrange for more lab sessions to be scheduled. However, this may take some time.

What should you do if there is no space available in any lab group at any time that you can attend?

  • First of all, don’t panic. Labs do not start until semester week 2, and in-lab assessments do not begin until semester week 3. There is time to sort it out.
  • Do not sign up to a lab group that you cannot attend. That just takes a place away from someone else who may have been able to use it.
  • Send an email to the course email address (comp1730@anu.edu.au) to let us know. In this email, you must:
    • include your ANU id;
    • list all lab sessions that you can possibly attend;
    • mention any preferences you have.

    You will not get an immediate response. When you have sent us this email, we are aware of the situation, and we will let you know once we have resolved it.

  • If by week 2 you are still not signed up to a lab group that you can attend, you can try going to another lab session. Not everyone signed up shows up for every lab, so there may be a free space. Just keep in mind that if it is (or becomes) full, you should give up your place to students who are signed up for that group.

TODO #3: Log in to STREAMS

You must log in to STREAMS at https://cs.anu.edu.au/streams/ to trigger the activation of your account on the CSIT computer system. If you have not done this, you will not be able to log in to the CSIT computers.

Log in with your ANU user id and password. You only need to log in, and log out again. No other action is required.

You must do this before your first lab session (in semester week 2). Ideally, you should do it at least 24 hours before your first lab session, because account activation can take up to a day to take effect.

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