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Course Staff

For the second semester version of the course Dr Dongwoo Kim - dongwoo.kim@anu.edu.au is the course convener and chair of examiners. For the first semester version of the course Dr Sid C-K Chau - Sid.Chau@anu.edu.au is the course convener and chair of examiners.

The second examiner for the course alternates between Sid and Dongwoo. So Sid is the first examiner in the first semester and Dongwoo is first examiner in second semester.


There is no set text book for this course. However if you have an old text book when you previously studied Java (such as Thinking Java, Bruce Eckel, referenced in COMP1110) you may find that useful.

Also there is an introductory Java textbook by Eric McCreath which covers the basics of what I would expect students coming into this course would have covered. See:


The classroom lecture will start at 2:00 pm on Monday at DNF Dunbar Physics Lecture Theatre. In week 2, 6, and 10, we will not have a classroom lecture, instead there are some complementary online videos available. Please see the schedules to check the detailed schedule.


See the assessment page for details.

Week 1

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