How to get a discoboard

Two brand new discoboards, ready to rock.

You can’t complete this course without a physical STM32L476 Discovery Board (we call it a discoboard for short!); you will need it for every lab and assignment.

updated 6 Feb 2020

On campus

If you are on ANU campus, we will give you a discoboard and a USB cable in week 1 labs.

Off campus

If you are not on ANU campus, it is your responsibility to obtain a discoboard so that you can complete this course. It’s required equipment.

You will need to order exactly the right kind of board. The part number is STM32L476G-DISCO. Note that there are other similar boards, so make sure it’s exactly the right number, and that the image looks the same as above (it doesn’t matter whether the board is green or blue) – a good check is the screen, the blue joystick, and the black square (headphone output) in the lower left hand corner.

We are currently finding the best way to obtain a discoboard yourself inside China. Please check back soon.

The current options are:

  • Mouser China - has stock, unknown where shipping is from.
  • DigiKey China - has stock but ships from USA.
  • Sellers on TaoBao - many sellers seem to have a few boards in stock.

You will also need a USB A to USB Mini-B cable to connect the discoboard to your computer.

Here’s some options from UGREEN:

Make sure you get the kind that looks like this:

Mini_usb_AB.jpg: User Mgdunn on en.wikipediaderivative work: Martinwguy2

Mini_usb_AB.jpg: User Mgdunn on en.wikipediaderivative work: Martinwguy2 [CC BY]

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