How to get jumper wires

Have you noticed that there are lots of little pin connectors up and down each side of your discoboard? For assignment 3, you will need to make some connections between these in order to send data in and out of discoboard.

To make these connections you’ll need some jumper wires. When we are teaching in-person we just give these out, but since we are learning remotely, you will need to obtain these yourself.

Don’t worry: these are very easy to obtain from electronics suppliers or online sellers (Ebay, Taobao, AliExpress).

The right type of jumper wires to get:

Jumper wires come with two types of connectors: pins and sockets. They all have the same size pins (corresponding 0.1in/2.54mm pin headers) which are also fit into sockets on breadboards and prototyping boards like your Discoboard and Arduino boards.

Your discoboard has little pins so you need some with sockets (F) on both ends (so F-F)

  • Number needed (at least 3)
  • Type: F-F (socket to socket)
  • Length: 100-150mm (normal short length) is fine, it just has to go across your discoboard.

One of the easiest ways to get these is in a ribbon of 40 which costs about 2-5AUD. You just tear off the ones you want. These look like this:

A couple of F-F jumper wire ribbons

NB: there are lots of names for F-F jumper wires, some examples: DuPont connector wires, jump wires, jumpers, etc. Have a look at the photo above to see what we expect you to get. You can also find packets of 10 individual wires, but these are not so common at the moment for some reason.

Where should I get them?

Here’s some suggestions. If you’re in Australia, I recommend Jaycar or LittleBird.

There are lots of other potential online stores, and doubtless many many sellers on TaoBao/AliExpress who have these kind of things.

When should I get them?

Please order them as soon as possible—like today—so you have them when you need them.

Obtaining these is your responsibility. Do not wait until the last minute.

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