Lab times can be found on the ANU Timetable

This year we are running physical and online labs. All lab times advertised below are in AEDT time (UTC+11), subtract 3 hours to get Beijing Time/CST (UTC+8).

Lab enrolments open Monday, week 1, 12:00. You can enrol via Streams.

Remote students should enrol in online lab groups, you can change to a local lab group whenever you arrive in Australia.

You should read through the lab content before each week’s lab—the lab content will be made available via the sidebar on this page.

Remote students are expected to attempt the lab content before coming to the online labs.

If you have any questions about the labs, the the FAQ might help you out.

On-Campus Labs

Day Time Room Tutors StReaMS ID Code name
Monday 17:00-20:00 HN Lab 1 Adi, Kunal mon5pm-A adc
Monday 17:00-20:00 HN Lab 1 Allie, Tom mon5pm-B qadd
Tuesday 11:00-14:00 CSIT N115 Mitchell, Brent tue11am-5 bic
Tuesday 11:00-14:00 CSIT N116 Razi, Tina tue11am-6 eor
Wednesday 16:00-19:00 CSIT N115 Tina, Calum wed4pm-5 cmp
Wednesday 16:00-19:00 CSIT N116 Tom, Mitchell wed4pm-6 tst
Thursday 10:00-13:00 CSIT N115 Joshua, Chinmay, Mitchell thu10am-5 ldr
Thursday 10:00-13:00 CSIT N116 Tim, Adi, Ashleigh thu10am-6 str
Thursday 13:00-16:00 CSIT N115 Razi, Benjamin, Nicholas thu1pm-5 mov
Thursday 13:00-16:00 CSIT N116 Harrison, Mitchell thu1pm-6 lsl
Friday 08:00-11:00 CSIT N115 Will, Ashleigh, Aaron fri8am-5 orn
Friday 08:00-11:00 CSIT N116 Weitong, Kunal, Mitchell fri8am-6 ror

Online Labs

This year we will run online labs for remote students to talk to us directly. You are expected to have attempted the lab material before joining an online lab as these will be focussed on asking questions and getting help where you have been stuck. Online labs will be 1 hour in duration and you have to sign up for them on Streams just like a regular lab.

There’s information on how to access online labs here.

At the moment we are planning to run 1-hour online with 10 students in each one for you to get help with problems you have had with the lab content:

Day Time Room Tutors StReaMS ID Code name
Monday 17:00-18:00 Online Tim, Benjamin mon5pm-O1 qsub
Monday 18:00-19:00 Online Tim, Benjamin mon5pm-O2 sub
Monday 19:00-20:00 Online Tim, Benjamin mon5pm-O3 rsb
Tuesday 11:00-12:00 Online Will, Tom tue11am-O1 movn
Tuesday 12:00-13:00 Online Will, Tom tue11am-O2 mull
Tuesday 13:00-14:00 Online Will, Tom tue11am-O3 mla
Wednesday 16:00-17:00 Online Brent, Harrison wed4pm-O1 mls
Wednesday 17:00-18:00 Online Brent, Harrison wed4pm-O2 umull
Wednesday 18:00-19:00 Online Brent, Harrison wed4pm-O3 umlal
Thursday 13:00-14:00 Online Calum, Ashleigh thu1pm-O1 udiv
Thursday 14:00-15:00 Online Calum, Ashleigh thu1pm-O2 sdiv
Thursday 15:00-16:00 Online Calum, Ashleigh thu1pm-O3 cmn

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