Information for remote students

From week 4, COMP2300 lectures and labs will be conducted online until further notice. The last in-person contacts will be hurdle labs in week 4 which are conducted as one-on-one meetings.

You will need a discoboard

You can’t complete this course without a physical STM32L476 Discovery Board; you will need it for every lab and assignment. If you were with us in weeks 1-3, you’ll have one, if not, here is more information on the best places to obtain a discoboard outside of Australia.

You will need your own computer and internet connection

You will need a computer and internet connection to complete this course. Mobile devices (e.g., smartphone, iPad) will not be enough. See our software setup page for how to get your computer ready for class. You must be able to install software on your computer to complete the course.

If your internet connection is slow/intermittent, you should still be able to complete the course by downloading lo-fi lecture files from the lecture page.

Information will be on this website

This is the main website for the course, not Wattle. Make sure you understand the course policies, and you can read all the lecture and lab content right now.

Piazza is your best way to get help

The COMP2300 forum is hosted on Piazza. This is your best and quickest way to get help with any aspect of the course during the semester. The lecturers and tutors will be available there to answer your questions.

Assessment items are the same

All students have the same assignments, tests, and exam (see course assessment policies).

Assignments and submissions will be on GitLab

Submissions of assignments will happen on our GitLab site. Make sure you can log in and access it from where you are. See course policies for the assignment information

Online Labs will be offered every week

We will use Microsoft Teams to host the online video class and give you individual help over video or chat. You can use Piazza to ask and answer questions at any time and we will address some of these during your online labs. Login instructions for online labs are here.

Online tests will happen in week 6

This course has previously had a mid-semester exam, this year it will be an online test for you to complete in week 6.

Exams will still happen, but later than usual

The most important assessment for this course is the final exam conducted in-person and on ANU campus. At the moment we don’t have enough information to know when it will be possible to conduct the exam and whether the same format will be used.

The weightings of exam and assignment marks will be the same for all students so that the course grading is fair for everybody. See course policies for the assessment weightings.

Things may change during the semester

This is an extraordinary circumstance and we are adapting to a changing situation. You need to be engaged and aware of what is happening.

That said, we should be kind to ourselves and each other. We may not be able to work at peak performance when we are stressed or anxious about events in the world.

I can’t give you full certainty about how this semester will go, but I’m going to keep working to give you the opportunity to learn this material and I think we will still have fun doing it. :-)

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