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Systems Networks and Concurrency

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This is the edition for S2 2020 - stay tuned, we are updating the finer details now.  

2020 edition

Course code: Comp2310 & Comp6310



to the main ANU course for Concurrent and Distributed Systems. While this field was a specialist topic many years ago, it grew into one of the most central computer science aspects over the last decade. Today it is a challenge to buy any sort of hardware which would not require you to think and design concurrently. While computing technology moves along swiftly with larger and larger number of processors and networked computing nodes, most aspects of concurrent systems seem completely "natural". In fact, after this course you may wonder whether sequential programming is a weird specialization of concurrent programming. If you are doing sports, or play an instrument, then many of the concepts of "many things are happening, yet they follow a certain structure or rhythm" will feel very familiar.

Dryden F/A-18's in AFF
Dryden F/A-18's in autonomous formation flight measuring wingtip vortice (photo credit: NASA).


Help and support is provided on many levels:

  • Attend all the lectures (come with a clear head and an empty note-pad).
  • Do all the labs - our tutors are experienced and will always listen and point you towards a productive direction.
  • Talk to your classmates. Form a learning group with your friends.
  • Use the forums - chances are you are not the only one with this question.
  • Contact us - any of us (e-mail addresses below). We won't be sitting on the phone 24/7, but most of us are electronically reachable most of the time. All e-mails and posts will be answered - mostly surprisingly fast.
  • Most importantly: if you feel that you are or might be getting into trouble then see us straight away. If you hit a wall, neither staring at it, nor ignoring it will make it go away -> you will need to become active and talk to somebody. Almost anything can be put back on track, if you give us a chance to suggest a solution in time.

Lecturer in charge:

Uwe R. Zimmer | e-mail

Second examiner:

Charles Martin | e-mail


Course representatives:

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