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You will be assessed on four occasions and your final mark is composed following this distribution:

% Assessment item Time Venue  

5% Lab 4 hurdle

Out week three

Due week four

Labs & on-line submission  
15% Assignment 1

Out week 6

Due week 8
(4 weeks, incl 2 weeks break)

On-line submission  
15% Mid-semester exam

Friday the 1st of September at 18:30

case Name is

  when Agarwal, A .. McLean, A => John Dedman 102

  when McNiven, J .. Yang, H => Copland G30

  when Yang, J .. Zhu, W => Moran G008

No materials permitted
15% Assignment 2

Out week 9

Due: week 12

(3 weeks)

On-line submission  
50% Final exam

Thursday the 9th of November at 14:00

Sportshall No materials permitted
  Special exams individually scheduled CSIT, N335 No materials permitted


Places and times for assessment will be posted here, but for written exams also cross-check against the entries at the ANU timetabling information centre.

To pass the course (other than via a supplementary exam), you must pass the lab 4 hurdle assessment and score at least 40% for both your total assignment mark and for your total examination mark. If you have less than 40% for either your total assignment mark or for your total examination mark you will fail this course with a final mark that is either 44/100 or the sum of your assignment marks and your final examination mark, whichever is the lower. If you have at least 40% for both your total assignment mark and for your final examination mark, your final mark will be a sum of your marks.

Your final mark may be moderated by the examiners' conference as well as the college education committee to provide your overall course mark and grade.

Supplementary exams (resulting in a 50-pass (PS) or a fail (N)) will be awarded only to those students who meet one of the following criteria:

  1. The student has a final mark of at least 45/100 but less than 50/100.
  2. The student failed the lab 4 hurdle assessment or scored less than 40% in either the total assignment mark or for the total examination mark but still gained a final mark of at least 45/100 overall.
Postponing assessments is always possible with good reason. Good reasons are mostly issues which are not under your control. If you e.g. feel sick on the day of an assessment, please do not sit the exam. See a doctor instead and provide a certificate which indicates your condition. If you already know beforehand that a specific assessment date or deadline does not work for you, then contact us right away and we will work something out for you. In the interest of fairness we obviously will always require good reasons, which is specific to you and not under your control. All special and supplementary assessments are oral examinations.

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