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Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. understand & apply fundamental concepts in computer music, including digital synthesis, algorithmic composition, and musical interface design

  2. describe the design and performance challenges associated with computer music interfaces

  3. critically analyse computer music systems and laptop ensemble performances, including self-reflection

  4. produce a computer musical instrument, composition or interactive media work and present it in concert

  5. demonstrate collaboration skills within a laptop ensemble, including providing constructive feedback


learning outcome N P CR D HD
1. understand & apply fundamental concepts in CM incomplete or flawed application of fundamental concepts adequate application of fundamental techniques competent application of fundamental techniques thorough application of fundamental techniques innovative application of fundamental techniques
2. describe design & performance challenges in CM interfaces incomplete or flawed description of performance challenges adequate description of performance challenges, no potential solutions competent description of performance challenges and potential solutions thorough description of performance challenges and potential solutions insightful description of performance challenges and potential solutions
3. critically analyse CM systems/ensemble performances (inc. self-reflection) incomplete or flawed analysis of systems/ensemble performances adequate analysis of systems/ensemble performances competent analysis of systems/ensemble performances thorough analysis of systems/ensemble performances, limited self-reflection insightful analysis of systems/ensemble performances, including deep self-reflection
4. produce a CM instrument/composition and present it in concert flawed/non-working concert performance concert performance, major technical issues competent concert performance, some technical issues/performance shortcomings very competent concert performance, very minor technical issues/performance shortcomings innovative and compelling concert performance
5. demonstrate collaboration skills & feedback within ensemble no evidence of collaboration or feedback within ensemble problematic collaboration, superficial feedback competent collaboration, some critical feedback thorough collaboration, useful/actionable feedback strong collaboration, insightful feedback (making others better)

Semester 1 2021 details

  • Mode of Delivery: on-campus
  • Prerequisites: none (although enrolment requires a permission code from the convenor)
  • Incompatible Courses: none
  • Course Convener: Ben Swift
  • Phone: 6125 7027
  • Email:
  • Research Interests: livecoding (especially musical livecoding), code/creativity/culture, HCI/human-centred computing, critical design
  • Lecturers: Ben Swift
  • Tutors: Ushini Attanayake
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