The weekly workshop day/time/location hasn’t been decided yet. We’ll update the website ASAP once the details are confirmed.


The primary weekly contact hours are the 2hr workshop session (day/time/location TBC). If you’re enrolled in the class, you need to be there every week.

Before you attend the workshop you must have read the corresponding lecture material (see below) and have submitted your weekly AV diary video.

Each week’s content includes:

  • a description of the “creative provocation” for that week’s AV diary entry
  • videos to watch
  • code to read
  • other reading material (papers, blog posts, etc.)

The timeline for each workshop is:

14:45 chance for pre-class questions
15:10 listen to that week’s AV diary submissions
15:30 crit discussion
15:50 small group jam activity
16:20 group performances
16:40 discussion, feedback, questions on notice

Week 1: hello sine

your first beeps and boops

» read more

Week 2: synthesis 1

so what types of beeps and boops can we make, actually?

» read more

Week 3: sampling 1

working with pre-recorded sound material

» read more

Week 4: envelopes & note structure

shaping sound in the short (and long) term

» read more

Week 5: (remote) collaboration

making computer music with multiple computers & musicians

» read more

Week 6: network music

musical collaboration over computer networks

» read more

Week 7: algorithmic composition 1

triggering events in pitch & time using algorithmic processes

» read more

Week 8: synthesis 2

configuring and playing an analogue modular synth with code

» read more

Week 9: sampling 2

manipulating & triggering playback of recorded sounds

» read more

Week 10: I'm a computer musician, AMA

No AVD: your AV diary entries are all done 😁

» read more

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