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The Australian National University

COMP3610 Principles of Programming Languages


There are two assignments. Details below.

Assignment 1 (Download)

Released: Fri Sept 4 2015
Due: Mon Sept 28 2015, 23:59 AEST
Mode:individual submissions only
Submit:single, compiling, self-contained Coq file with name and uid in comments at the top
How:via the COMP 3610 Wattle page.

Assignment 2 (Download)

Released: Monday September 28 2015
Due: Sunday October 25 2015, 17:00 AEST
Mode:Submissions from individuals or teams of two only
Submit:See the assignment specification for details
How:via the COMP3610/6361 Wattle page.
Support:TurtleTools.tgz contains some tools and test code:
  • The assignment specification.
  • Two PDPlot machine simulators, one written in C that generates Portable Network Graphics (.png) files, and one written in rococo Haskell that generates Postscript (.ps) files. To compile the first one you may need to install libgd.
  • A PDPlot disassembler to convert .p object code into .asm assembly code for debugging.
  • A few test programs; some that (should) work, and some that have errors.

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