In addition to this FAQ page, this course has a dedicated help page.

Can I get a permission code?

Permission codes are given in exceptional cases only. Having good grades is not enough to get a permission code and COMP1600 is not equivalent to COMP2620.

If you believe that your case is exceptional, then apply for a permission code here.

If you have already submitted a permission code request form for COMP3620/6320, you will need to be patient while we assess and process your request. This may take up to 10 business days. Please do not send multiple/duplicate emails or forms.

I will not be providing a decision on requests sent to me directly.

What is git? Do I have to use it?

Git is a version control system (VCS). You probably have used a VCS in the past, for instance, mercurial and subversion. The goal of a VCS is to manage and keep track of different versions of your files. In this class, we will use git for assignments meaning that the assignment will be published as a git repository and you will turn in your assignment by committing changes to a copy of the assignment repository.

If you have never used git before or want to learn more about git, visit the resources/git page.

What is python?

Python is the programming language we will use for this class. If you know how to code in an imperative programming language (for instance, C, Java, JavaScript, Matlab, PHP, etc) and have a basic understanding (and some practice) of Object Oriented programming, then you should be able to learn the basics of python required for this course in a few days.

If you have never used python before or want to learn more about it, visit the resources/python page.

Can I code in a different language?


How can I bypass the comp3620-bot?

Add to the subject of your email the words “no bot”.

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