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COMP4300/8300 Parallel Systems: Assessment 2020

[Assessment Scheme] [Extensions/Late Penalties] [Honesty & Integrity]

Proposed  Assessment  Scheme

The proposed assessment scheme is as follows:
  1. Assignments: 40%

    # weight wk out wk due
    1 20 3 7
    2 20 8 12
    All will contain a significant programming component plus a report.

    Assignments handed in by the due date will be returned within 2 weeks of the due date. There is a maximum period of 2 weeks after the return of a marked assignment in which the mark may be disputed.

  2. Mid-semester written exam: 15%

    This will be in the lecture slot of Monday week 6. It will have 15 mins reading time and one hour 15 mins writing time. One A4 page of handwritten notes (both sides) is permitted.

  3. Final written examination: 45%
    The exam will be 3 hours and held in the formal examination period. One A4 page of handwritten notes (both sides) is permitted.

  4. As per the class poll on 26/02, the mid-semester exam (MSE) will be made redeemable on the final exam (FE). That is, the combined weight of the MSE and FE be: max(MSE+FE, FE*60/45).

These components are then added to give your final mark. This may then be scaled to give your overall course mark and grade. In particular, the final marks may be moderated by the Research School of Computer Science examiners meeting.

COVID-29 update 27/03: with ANU courses for semester 1 now going fully-online, the above scheme will be changed as little as possible. That is the scheduled university week for the item will remain unchanged (note that the calendar dates for weeks have been changed), and the items and their duration / weightings will remain unchanged. The form of the exams will change to electronic, see the Gitlab-based Online Exam Q&A page.


  • We will discuss the proposed scheme in weeks 1 and 2. There is some scope for flexibility, especially for those affected by travel restrictions (see above).
  • Students in COMP8300 are expected to complete extension parts of assignments and labs/tutorials.

Extensions and Late Penalties for Assignments

In general, there will be no extensions for assignments, the exception being for illness serious enough to keep you in bed, supported by a medical certificate. Other similarly un-foreseeable and serious circumstances that are beyond your control may be considered (if similarly verified). Work and sporting commitments are not normally sufficient grounds. The failure of external computer systems used to undertake the assignment, apart from those provided by the course, will not be considered. If you think you have grounds for an extension, you should notify the course convenor as soon as possible and provide written evidence in support of your case (e.g. medical certificate). The convenor will decide what duration to grant (if any) and inform you as soon as practicable.

Extensions may be granted to a date that is not more than 10 working days from the nominal deadline.

Without an explicit extension from the course co-ordinator, late assignments will be penalized at the standard ANU rate, which is 5% per working day (for a maximum of 10 working days, after which the assignment will not be accepted). In the case of multiple files submitted at separate times, the penalty is calculated from the time of submission of the last file.

Honesty and Integrity in Assignments

Assignments should be assumed to be individual.

For the general RSCS policy, which applies to this course, you should read the chapter in the RSCS Student Handbook that discusses assessment (Chapter 6, pages 17-25), particularly the sections headed Misconduct in examinations (which also applies to assignments and other forms of assessment) and Guidelines for assignments. Quality and integrity are expected from all students. Students should also expect this from the lecturing/tutorial staff. Please read over the ANU's policy on this matter.

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