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COMP4300/8300 2020: Lectures

The scheduling below should be regarded as tentative for more than 2 weeks in advance. Links to the lecture slides should be available by the COB on the previous day. If you wish to see the material earlier, see the corresponding slides on the 2017 lectures

The PDFs of the slides have embedded hyperlinks to locally referenced files (e.g. source files) and web links (in dark blue - note these only work on the 1-up slides). Other typesetting conventions include:

  • keywords or phrases that have special meaning in computer systems in black, especially when first used
  • mathematical quantities and output also in black
  • code uses a fixed font and has the usual syntax highlighting
shortcuts: week: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13

1 1 Introduction 1up 4up
2,3 Classical Parallel Hardware 1up 4up
2 4 Routing and Communication 1up 4up
5 Message Passing 1up 4up
6 Performance Measures and Models 1up 4up
3 7 Embarrassingly Parallel Problems 1up 4up
4 8,9 Parallelisation via Data Partitioning 1up 4up
10 Parallelisation via Pipelining 1up 4up
5 11 Synchronous Computations 1up 4up
12 Message Passing Extensions 1up 4up
12a Parallel Debugging 1up 4up
13 Review and MSE Preparation gitlab
6   Mid-Semester Exam gitlab
14 Shared Memory Hardware 1up 4up
7 15 Shared Memory Hardware (II)  
16,17 Shared Memory Programming 1up 4up
8 18 The OpenMP Programming Model 1up 4up
19, 20 Graphic Processing Units 1up 4up
9 21 Memory Consistency 1up 4up
22 Other Emerging Hardware 1up 4up
23 Emerging Programming Models 1up 4up
10 24,25 Parallel I/O ppt 2up
26 Hadoop/MapReduce 1up 2up
11 27 Assignment 2 Discussion 1up 4up
28 Outlook and Review 1up 4up
13 29 Exam Questions Study  

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