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COMP4300/8300 2020: Tutorial/Prac Exercises

This course will use the supercomputer located at the National Computational Infrastructure National Facility. We will enable account creation for that system in due course. Attendance at these is strongly recommended, and will be recorded. It is OK to attend other sessions than your regular one if for example something comes up in your regular time. Solutions will be generally made accessible by the Tuesday of the following week.

Online teaching update: from week 5 onward, sessions will be run via Zoom meetings in the correspoding timeslot. There will be the expectation for you to attempt the exercises fully beforehand, so that the session is about getting help for things you got stuck on or needed explanation. Please use your real name when connecting, as your tutor may not respond to unrecognized names. Your tutor will also be monitoring your session's Piazza sub-forum and you can participate that way as well.

Item Title Solutions (partial)
Week 3: Prac1 - Intro to NCI and MPI prac1_NOTES.txt
Week 4: Prac2 - Binary Trees and Load Balancing prac2_NOTES.txt plus other files
Week 5: Prac3 - Synchronization and Code Profiling prac3_NOTES.txt
Week 8: Prac4 - Pthreads and OpenMP prac4_NOTES.txt
Week 9: Prac5 - GPU Programming with CUDA prac5_NOTES.txt
Week 11: Prac6 - Parallel Input/Output prac6_NOTES.txt

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