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You will be assessed on two occasions and your final mark is composed following this distribution:

% Assessment item Time Venue  

30% Assignment exam individually scheduled see tables below No materials permitted
70% Final exam

individually scheduled

see tables below No materials permitted
  Special exams individually scheduled No materials permitted

All examinations are oral and individual examinations. The time frame for the final exams is 30 minutes (+ 10 minutes for potential clarifications and to give you an indication about your performance). For legal and organizational reasons, the 'on-the-spot' indication is no binding information. The final schedule will be published on this page.

You need to sign in for one final exam session (lists will be accessible at the Computer Science Reception in CSIT). You need to sign into exam slot for your lab examination as well as your final examination - please check: if your name does not appear below on the weekends before the exam, contact me urgently. Remember that you need to submit your documentation for the final assignment, before you can sit the lab. exam.

Some hints for the oral examinations:

  • Train to talk about the topics and to transfer your knowledge in a structured and compact form.
  • Get to the point of the questions first, then expand with all the things which you know additionally about the addressed topic.
  • The nature of the questions is:
    • Checking the basic understanding of the field (approx. 50%).
    • Checking the ability to be critical about the introduced concepts (approx. 30%).
    • Checking the ability to handle the introduced concepts in a creative way (approx. 20%).
  • The questions are NOT about:
    • Bit-numbers in a specific controller.
    • Whether you share the opinions of the examiners.
    • About philosophies of time and space (pity, ain't it?).
  • You might convince yourself that the process is nice and fair by asking students, which finished the exam already. The questions will be all different though.

Also have a look on the exact examination criteria. And on the sample set of questions (just to get the taste of the real thing).


Assignment examination
(20 minutes - 30% of course mark)
All exams in CSIT, N335
Session I
Session II
Wednesday, 25th of October
Friday, 27th of October
10:00 Calum Snowdon
10:20 Nicholas Joseph Brown
10:40 Liyao Tang
11:00 Andrew Watts
11:40 Haolei Ye
12:00 Hayden Dale Dummett

14:00 Marshall Clifton
14:20 Jack Dylan Henderson
14:40 Ted Pettigrove
15:00 Kitt Hon Choy
15:20 Andrew Hall
10:00 Nick Sifniotis
10:20 Jakub Leszek Nabaglo
10:40 Robin Monro
11:00 Adam John Brooks
11:20 Anders Lindby
11:40 Jay Hansen
12:00 Hanning Gong
12:20 Hongbo Zhang
12:40 Nicholas Jack Donaldson

15:00 George Nicholas Rayns
15:20 Yuze Gong
15:40 Reilly Francis
16:00 Alastair Barnett
16:20 Shubhkarman Sawhney
16:40 Kuangda He
Make sure you arrive well in time and know where your examination room is.


Final examination
(40 minutes - 70% of course mark)
All exams in CSIT, N335
Session I
Session II
Session III
Monday, 6th of November

Wednesday, 8th of November

Friday, 10th of November

10:00 Nick Sifniotis
10:40 Alastair Barnett
12:00 Hayden Dale Dummett

14:00 Andrew Hall
14:40 Anders Lindby
15:20 Yuze Gong
16:00 Kuangda He
16:40 Andrew Watts
10:00 Jack Dylan Henderson
10:40 Kitt Hon Choy
11:20 Jakub Leszek Nabaglo
12:00 Robin Monro

14:00 Marshall Clifton
14:40 Hongbo Zhang
15:20 Calum Snowdon
16:00 Hanning Gong
16:40 Reilly Francis
10:00 Nicholas Joseph Brown
10:40 Isaac Oscar Gariano
11:20 Haolei Ye
12:00 Nicholas Jack Donaldson

14:00 Jay Hansen
14:40 George Nicholas Rayns
15:20 Ted Pettigrove
16:00 Adam John Brooks
16:40 Shubhkarman Sawhney
Make sure you arrive well in time and know where your examination room is.


Postponing assessments is always possible with good reason. Good reasons are mostly issues which are not under your control. If you e.g. feel sick on the day of an assessment, please do not sit the exam. See a doctor instead and provide a certificate which indicates your condition. If you already know beforehand that a specific assessment date or deadline does not work for you, then contact us right away and we will work something out for you. In the interest of fairness we obviously will always require good reasons, which is specific to you and not under your control. All special and supplementary assessments are oral examinations.

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