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Course administration handout

This course handout states the initial evaluation scheme and dates of the course. We can amend the assessment scheme and shift dates according to input from you or other factors which are not known at the start of the course. Briefly: we can for instance react to scheduling clashes with other courses. In this sense the administration handout is a documented starting point for the course, but it doesn't prevent us from reacting to your needs throughout the course. Any amendments in response to your input will be documented on this web-site.

[RTES2015] pdf document (to come)


For the learning outcomes and other context information about the course, please refer to the course page on Programs and Courses.

Further essential information and support can be found at:


Course "Textbooks"

Note that the course has its own structure and does not follow any of those books closely. They are still of excellent support for your learning and all programming paradigms which are introduced in the course are also discussed and illustrated in those books.

[Burns2009] link
Alan Burns and Andy Wellings; Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages; Addison Wesley, fourth edition 2009

[Burns2007] link
Alan Burns & Andy Wellings; Concurrent and Real-Time Programming in Ada; Cambridge University Press, 2007
[McCormick11] link
McCormick, J. W., Singhoff, F., & Hugues, J. (2011). Building Parallel, Embedded, and Real-Time Applications with Ada. Cambridge University Press, 2011.



Real-Time languages (and language based conceptual books)

[Ada RM 2012] pdf document
Ada Reference Manual - Language and Standard Libraries; ISO/IEC 8652:201x (E)
[Ada95RC] pdf document
DAINA; Ada 95 Reference Card; Version 1.3, 1995 DAIN
[Ada95SC] pdf document
DAINA; Ada 95 Syntax Card; Version 1.3, 1995 DAINA
[Barnes2005] link
John Barnes; Programming in Ada 2005; Addison-Wesley, Pearson education, ISBN-13 978-0-321-34078-8, Harlow, England
[Berry99] pdf document
Gérard Berry; The Esterel v5 Language Primer (Version 5.91); Technical report: centre de Mathématiques Appliquées, Ecole des Mines and INRIA
[Bollella06] pdf document
Greg Bollella, Ben Brosgol, Steve Furr, David Hardin, Peter Dibble, James Gosling, Mark Turnbull & Rudy Belliardi; The Real-Time Specification for Java;
[Burns2009] link
Alan Burns & Andy Wellings; Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages; Addison Wesley, fourth edition 2009
[Burns98] link
Alan Burns, Andy Wellings, Andrew J. Wellings, John Barnes; Concurrency in Ada; Cambridge University Press 1998
[Chaplin2015] link pdf document
Peter Chaplin; Ada – A Crash Course
Norman H. Cohen; Ada as a second language; McGraw-Hill series in computer science, 2nd edition (out of print)
[C++11 RM] pdf document
C++11 Standard; ISO/IEC 9899:201x (N1570)
[GI98] pdf document
eds. GI-working group 4.4.2; PEARL 90, Language report, Version 2.2; Technical report GI

Hardware devices

[Analog07] link
Analog Devices; Interactive Java demonstration program for Sigma-Delta converters; 2007
[Edler01] pdf document
F.Edler, M. Kühne, E. Tegeler; Noise temperature measurements for the determination of the thermodynamic temperature of the melting point of palladium; 21. CCT-Meeting, Paris, Sep. 12-14, 2001, France
[Kester93] pdf document
Walt Kester, James Bryant, Joe Buxton; High Resolution Signal Conditioning ADCs; System Applications Guide, Analog Devices, 1993, Section 3
[M_M68HC05_99] pdf document
Motorola; 8-bit microcontrollers: MC68HC05B4/705B5/05B6/05B8/(7)05B16/705B16N/(7)05B32
Technical Data, 1999
[M_MPC565/566_00] pdf document
Motorola; MPC565/MPC566 microcontroller; Reference manual, 2000
[M_TPU_96] pdf document
Motorola; TPU – Time Processor Unit; Reference manual, 1996
[M_TPU_MASM_96] pdf document
Motorola; TPU – Macro Assember Manual; Reference manual, 1996
[NS_ADC08200_02] pdf document
National Semiconductor; ADC08200 – 8-Bit, 20 MSPS to 200 MSPS, 1.05 mW/MSPS A/D Converter; Datasheet, 2002
[NS_LM12L458_99] pdf document
National Semiconductor; LM12L458 – 12-Bit + Sign Data Acquisition System with Self-CalibrationDatasheet, 1999
[STM32F40xxx DS] pdf document
STM32F4 Data sheet, 2015
[STM32F4xx RM] pdf document
STM32F4 Reference manual, 2015

General (computer) science background

[Ari06] link
M. Ben-Ari; Principles of Concurrent and Distributed Programming; Addison_Wesley, 2006
[Bloom79] pdf document
Toby Bloom; Evaluating synchronization mechanisms; Proceedings of the seventh ACM Symposium on Operating systems principles, 1979
[Dourish01] link
Paul Dourish; Where the Action Is; MIT Press, Cambrudge, Massachusetts, London, England, 2001
[Mercer97] pdf document
Clifforrd W. Mercer; Operating system resource reservation for real-time and multimedia applications; Ph.D. thesis CMU-CS-97-155, June 1997, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213-3890
[Murthy2001] link
C. Siva Ram Murthy, G. Manimaran; Resource Management in Real-time Systems and Networks; MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachuetts, London, England
[Tanenbaum95] link
Andrew S. Tanenbaum; Distributed Operating Systems; Prentice Hall Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 1st edition, 1995

Essential early computer science papers

Again this section is for the advanced student only. Those papers belong to the early foundations of our field and they can show you how computer science grew out of mathematics, philosophy and logic into an science of its own.

[Church1932] pdf document
Alonzo Church; A set of postulates for the foundation of logic; Annals of Mathematics, Series 1932 vol. 2 (33) pp. 346-366
[Church1936] pdf document
Alonzo Church; An unsolvable problem of elementary number theory; American Journal of Mathematics 1936 vol. 58 (2) pp. 345-363
[Church1940] pdf document
Alonzo Church; A Formulation of the Simple Theory of Types; Journal of Symbolic Logic 1940 vol. 5
[Gödel1931] pdf document (Translation)
Kurt Gödel; Über formal unentscheidbare Sätze der Principia Mathematica und verwandter Systeme I; Monatshefte für Mathematik und Physik 1931
[Huffman1954] pdf document
David A. Huffman; The synthesis of sequential switching circuits; Journal of the Franklin Institute 1954 vol. 257 (3, 4) pp. 161-190, 275-303
[Knuth76] pdf document
Donald E Knuth; Big Omicron and big Omega and big Theta; Newsletter, ACM SIGACT News, ACM New York, NY, USA (1976) vol. 8 (2)
George H. Mealy; A method for synthesizing sequential circuits; Bell System Technical Journal 1955 vol. 34 (5) pp. 1045-1079
[Moore1956] pdf document
Edward F. Moore; Gedanken-experiments on Sequential Machines; Automata Studies, Annals of Mathematical Studies, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey 1956 vol. 34 pp. 129–153
[Neumann1945] pdf document
John von Neumann; The First Draft Report on the EDVAC; Technical report 1945
[Rice1953] (link on-line version)
Henry Gordon Rice; Classes of Recursively Enumerable Sets and Their Decision Problems; Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 1953 vol. 74 (2) pp. 358-366
[Turing1937] pdf document
Alan Turing; On computable numbers, with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem; Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 1937 vol. 2 (42)

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