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The Australian National University

2007 - Advanced Topics on Artificial Intelligence

If you want the 2010 version of this course, please check the New website.


Lectures Time Table

Room Day Time
CHEM T2 Monday 13:00
CHEM T2 Wednesday 13:00
CHEM T2 Thursday 13:00

The room and time will possibly be modified. This will be discussed in class. Moreover, as teaching will be impossible for both teachers from the 20th of July to the 10th of August, we will try to catch up.

Lecture Notes

Diagnosis of Static Systems: Course 1, Course 2, Course 3.
Bayesian Networks, Qualitative Reasoning, Chronicles.
Discrete event systems: Course 1, Course 2, Course 3


Alban Grastien
Room B154, RSISE Building
Web page
Patrik Haslum
Room B147, RSISE Building
Web page

Articles to review

You will have to choose one article and present it.
  • 16 August
    • 1pm The Role of OBDDs in Controlling the Complexity of Model Based Diagnosis (G. Torta and P. Torasso -- DX-04) Presented by Debdeep Banerjee.
    • 2pm A Consistency-based Robust Diagnosis Approach for Temporal Causal Systems (Sh. Abdelwahed, G. Karsai, G. Biswas -- DX-05) Presented by Priscilla Kan John.
  • 23 August
    • 1pm Chronicle Recognition Improvement Using Temporal Focusing and Hierarchization (Ch. Dousson, P. Le Maigat -- IJCAI-07) Presented by Jason Jingshi Li.
    • 2pm Diagnosis of Discrete-Event Systems using SAT algorithms (A. Grastien -- Work in Progress)
  • 30 August
    • 1pm Generating Temporal Decision Trees for Diagnosing Dynamic Systems (L. Console, C. Picardi and D. Theseider Dupré -- DX-00) Presented by Amanda Helliwell
    • 2pm On Monotonic Monitoring of Discrete-Event Systems (G. Lamperti, M. Zanella -- DX-07) Presented by Yogesh Narasimha.
  • 20 September
    • 1pm Diagnosability Analysis of Distributed Discrete Event Systems (Y. Pencolé -- DX-04) Presented by Neil Bacon
    • 2pm Global and Local Consistencies in Distributed Fault Diagnosis for Discrete-Event Systems (R. Su and W. M. Wonham -- TAC-05) Presented by Priscilla Kan John.

Alban Grastien
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