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The Australian National University

Overview of Logic and Computation

Assessment scheme

The assignments will be worth half of the final mark and the final exam will be worth half of the final mark, however, you will need to score at least 40% on the final exam in order to pass: that is, a 40% mark on the final exam is a hurdle.

We have had to institute this condition because, unfortunately, we have found that many students are colluding on their assignments to ensure they get a high mark, so that they do not need many marks from the final exam to pass. Under our new rule, there is no point in getting a high mark for the assignments and getting only 30% for the final exam as you will not pass!

So: if final exam mark is below 40% then fail else final mark is 50% from final exam and 50% from assignments.

The assignments will not all be worth the same: the assignment on Modal and Temporal Logic (10 lectures) will be worth twice as much as the four others.

All marks can be moderated.

Appeals about marks for assignments must be made within two weeks of marks being returned.

Any submissions for marks for this course may be subject to an interview process to justify their marks. So don't collude!

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