This is the website for COMP2300 in 2022. The course is currently being updated and will use different hardware and different assessment tasks in 2022. It’s still under construction so some of the information is not yet up to date. Please come back in late January for more accurate information :-)

Welcome to COMP2300/6300 Computer Organisation and Program Execution for Semester 1, 2022!

This is the course where you learn how your computer actually works: you’ll learn how a CPU is constructed, how the parts of your computer work together, and how the high-level programming languages that you have learned in other courses can be translated into assembly language and CPU instructions.

You’ll learn by writing programs for your very own micro:bit, a tiny computer that fits in your pocket. In the labs and assessments you’ll experiment with your micro:bit to learn about how the CPU in your laptop or desktop computers work, and create expressive programs that interact with the real world through the micro:bits sensors and it’s light and sound outputs.

COMP2300/6300 is a course that challenges your assumptions about how computers work, and what happens in our computer when we run a program, and our focus on expressive and creative assessment tasks could make this an exciting turning point in your computer science journey.

Looking forward to seeing you in Semester 1!

Course Content

This site contains all the course content:

Enrolling and Permission Codes

If you would like to enrol in COMP2300/6300 but need a permission code, please see the instructions and application form on this page.

Getting Help

If you need help with any aspect of COMP2300/6300 look at the course FAQ and head to our getting help page (link).

If you still need help, get in touch via the forum (if you’re already enrolled in the course) or email (if you’re not yet enrolled).

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