Welcome to Computer Architecture and Simulation. Hope that you will have an enjoyable time here. Visit the links for more information. You will find that some of the links are up, while some others don’t work as yet. Some of the lecture notes will become available gradually, as the course progresses.

The course is made up of two parts. The first (and larger) part of the course will be dedicated to computer architecture. You get to take a complex computer system (the STM32L476G discovery “disco” board) home from week 1. That might seem daunting (it sure looks complicated) and it’s true that there’s more stuff on this board than you can master in one semester. Still, you’ll learn a lot about CPUs (and how programs are organised and executed) by the end of the course—how exciting!

In the second part, you will learn about computer simulation!

This site contains all the course content: the course outline, policies, schedule, lecture slides, lab content, and the deliverables (assignments, etc.) and other resources.

If you’ve got questions, there’s a course FAQ which might have the answers you’re looking for.

Any feedback will be most welcome. Thank you for your time.

This course is not available as an online course. If you are one of the students stuck overseas due to travel restrictions related to coronavirus, then you can choose to do comp2300 instead. Else, you can defer this course until next year.

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