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CECS Support Services

CECS Student Services are here to provide support to students throughout the life of their degree on everything including:

  • enrolment and academic advice
  • understanding university procedures
  • exams and results; and
  • ensuring you are on track to graduate.

If you have any questions please come and see the friendly staff in CECS Student Services, we would love to meet you and help you through your journey at ANU.

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CECS-Specific Information for Students Impacted by Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Semester 1 2020 Enrolments

We invite all of our impacted students to enrol through ISIS into any of the courses currently labelled as accessible for off-campus students, subject to the usual prerequisites and permissions.

We understand that some students would rather defer their studies for the semester, and the university will assist with this process. Students may also prefer enrol in fewer than 24u this semester which is also ok.

If you decide to join us this semester, you must be prepared and able to engage with your courses as if you would be here on campus, meaning right from Week 1 (latest Monday Week 2). We will try to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, however, the experience will be different to what you are used to and there are multiple factors beyond our control. These particularly involve your local hardware, your internet connectivity and bandwidth, and ability to install some software.  Should you find that these barriers limit your ability to engage with the course, the university has provided information about options to withdraw without penalty. Information about this can be found on the ‘Staff and Student Updates’ link on the ANU Coronavirus advice page.

For courses that require specific hardware (beyond your laptop for example), you will need to make sure that this hardware is accessible for you in reasonable time for the start of the laboratories. Many courses will require you to use specific software. Make sure this software works on your computer, and you have the skills to install it. For more information about specific hardware or software requirements, please check the specific course pages for further details. Note that there may be some delay before these course sites have been updated with this information.

Supplementary and Deferred Exams

Students who are outside of Australia and therefore unable to sit for supplementary or deferred exams in Week 1 of Semester 1 will be able to request permission codes to progress to later courses offered in Semester 1. The permission code request form can be found here but if you have trouble accessing/using it, please feel free to send us an email. Students will be expected to sit their supplementary or deferred exams at a later date.

Individual and Group Project Courses

Note that project courses (group or individual) will require that you contact your course coordinator, supervisor and if relevant, your team coordinator before the start of the semester.

-Graduating students who are part way through individual or group projects will be provided with options that may include deferring the balance of their project, continuation in the project, allocation to a different project, splitting projects, or substitution of the remaining project component with another technical course.

-Students who need to start their project in Semester 1 in order to graduate may be provided with options such as doing a double weighted project in Semester 2, or commencing their group or individual project and undertaking the initial work overseas.

Non-CECS Courses

We appreciate that there may be some non-CECS courses that you need to enrol into for your first semester, and you will be able to find these on the published university site. Please note that some Colleges were unable to offer some of their courses for off-shore students. If you are impacted by this, please let us know and we can look at alternative options.


Need help? Talk to CECS Student Services

Consultation appointments and cancellations policy

Essential information:

We ask all students to complete the online booking information, including student ID, contact details (mobile phone number and university email address) and a brief summary of your query. This allows us to gather relevant details about you to collate correct information for your consultation.

We collect personal data, such as your name, address, contact numbers and email addresses. This information is used to confirm your appointment and to provide you with important post-consultation information.

Drop-ins and appointments

You are welcome to drop into the CECS Student Services Office at any time during business hours for help or advice and we will always do our best to provide you with answers on the spot. However, there are some circumstances (e.g. complex or sensitive enquiries, complaints, degree checking, etc.) that require a longer, one-on-one consultation with an adviser.

Appointments can be made in a number of ways: 

  • Online – complimentary consultations can be booked online via our online booking site
  • In person – visit us at the CECS Student Services Office. We are located at level 2, CSIT Building 108. North Road, ANU 0200
  • By email – send a consultation request with your full name, Student ID and a brief summary of what you need to discuss and we’ll book you in to see us as quickly as possible.
  • By phone – call the CECS Student Services reception desk on (02) 6125 4450

On the day of your consultation, please aim to arrive around five minutes before to your appointment. We also ask that you also come prepared for your meeting. This may include (but is not limited to) having your questions written down, having your proposed study pattern drafted for checking and having supporting documentation (e.g. a medical certificate) ready to show us. This helps us to give you accurate advice that is specific to your individual circumstances and ensures that our meeting schedule is running on time for all students.  

If you are late or unprepared for your meeting, we may not be able to cover everything you’d like to discuss and you may need to book a follow-up appointment on another day, as our advisers are often fully booked and cannot run over-time.

Cancellations and no-shows

Our appointments are in high demand. For that reason, if you make a booking but can no longer attend, we ask that you cancel as early as possible. You can cancel via our online booking site or by contacting us directly via email, phone or in-person. This allows enough time for another student to book in.

If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you will not be able to have another appointment for two weeks.

If you fail to attend an appointment or cancel within the 24 hour period more than once, you may not be able to have another appointment with us that semester.

Your cooperation and consideration for your fellow students and the CECS Student Services team provides a fair system for everyone.  

Make a booking to chat to a CECS Student Adviser

Free on-campus services for students

Academic Skills and Learning Centre - Whether you are a first year student, a PhD student or somewhere in between, you need to make your own decisions about how you learn and manage your workload. Here you will find people and information to help you do this effectively.

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ANU Counselling Centre - Free and confidential counselling service for students

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ANU Access & Inclusion -  Assist students who have a disability, medical condition or who are recognised primary carers of a person with a disability to participate fully in their program of study by providing advice, supports and adjustments that minimise the impact of disability in education.

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First year students

Set4ANU program - SET4ANU is a free orientation program designed to assist new students make the transition to life at ANU. Students who sign up for the program are assigned a later year student volunteer (called Orientation Leaders) who will help ease you into your first few weeks of life at ANU.

Fifty50 First Year Mentoring Program - The Fifty50 First Year Mentoring Program aims to support first year students studying STEM degrees by providing mentorship, assistance and networking opportunities. Upon joining the program, you will be paired with a like-minded later-year mentor who will be able to share their university experiences with you and provide you with support and advice so that you can get the most out of your studies. As well meetings with your mentor, the program includes a number of events and support through our new online mentoring platform. Fifty50’s goal is to foster an equitable culture in STEM at the ANU that is inclusive of all students, regardless of gender. Check out the Fifty50 Facebook page to sign up and find out more!

Residential and campus communities - ANU offers a broad range of accommodation choices for students, within a diverse and vibrant community.



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